1/2 Revolution

A true-life thriller shot in Cairo during the Arab Spring brings us into the middle of the resistance


The latest from Nikolaus Geyrhalter, director of Our Daily Bread (2005): a secret tour of Europe after dark

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

Shot over a period of years, this film follows Chinese artist and dissident Ai Weiwei as he finds creative paths to rebellion against an oppressive system

The Ambassador

Satirist and adventurer Mads Brügger (Red Chapel) shows how easy it is to become a diamond-smuggling African diplomat

Argentinian Lesson

Romance blooms for a Polish boy in Argentina

The Belovs

True Vision honoree Victor Kossakovsky’s first documentary immerses us in the lives of Russian farmers

Building Babel

SNEAK PREVIEW The embattled developer of the Ground Zero mosque just wants to build a community center—so why all the fuss?


2012 True Life Fund Film. Filmmaker Lee Hirsch makes the bullying epidemic in American schools intensely personal, demonstrating how, for some kids, mere survival can be a daily battle


SNEAK PREVIEW The tensions of tradition and modernity are explored in this look at the lives of the Totona people of Mexico

Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope

Morgan Spurlock takes us inside the superhero, fantasy, & sci-fi spectacle that is the San Diego Comic Convention

The Connection

Eight junkies in search of a fix


The directors of Jesus Camp find hazy beauty and tenacious locals in Motor City

Going Up the Stairs
SNEAK PREVIEW An Iranian grandmother becomes and artist and gets her first solo show in Paris. But will her husband let her go?
Gypsy Davy
Flamenco guitarist David Serva Jones left behind a clutch of wives, girlfriends, and children wherever he went—a group that includes Rachel Leah Jones, the director of this film
Herman's House
SNEAK PREVIEW A former Black Panther, locked up in solitary confinement, is visited by a young artist who helps him design his dream house
How to Survive a Plague
A powerful and poetic history of ACT UP, the activist group that changed the face of AIDS treatment
The Imposter
In this nonfiction thriller, a missing Texas boy turns up in Spain. What happened?
The Island President
Global warming may make the Maldives disappear, but can President Mohamed Nasheed save the day?
Low & Clear
SNEAK PREVIEW Two friends fish and face off in this exquisitely shot film
Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present
An emotionally riveting portrait of the self-described “grandmother of performance art”
Me @ The Zoo
A sexually ambiguous teen living in the rural South is saved by YouTube, but fame is a complicated thing
Only the Young
SNEAK PREVIEW In the Southern California desert, this film discovers a potent blend of teenage urgency, boredom, and young love that adults misconstrue as aimless wandering
The Queen of Versailles

Meet the family with the mostest: a couple that wants to build the biggest house in America

Re:Vision (shorts)

Six filmmakers show that the past is not dead at all, but still flopping around.

Searching for Sugar Man

Rodriguez’s music emboldened apartheid-era South Africa before he disappeared in a swirl of mystery

Secret Screening Blue
A new kind of tangential journalism that acts as a fitting tribute to fellowship, friendship, and faith
Secret Screening Gold
After falling from grace, a mercurial artist attempts to climb back to the top
Secret Screening Green
A Situationist stunt turns one long-running pop cultural institution inside out
Secret Screening Lavender
A jaw-dropping look at prejudice run amok
Secret Screening Orange
A businessman with deep pockets says he can reopen a small-town factory—but can he be trusted?
Secret Screening Purple
This boldly cinematic doc celebrates the American city like no one since Jane Jacobs
Secret Screening Red
Big government tamps down dissent, but it might not be able to control these crafty heretics
Summer of Giacomo

SNEAK PREVIEW For a couple of young Italians, summer is a never-ending, languid idyll

These Birds Walk
Work in Progress. A mysterious, poetic look at a Pakistani home for orphans
This Monkey's Gone to Heaven (shorts)

Inspired by the Pixies’ meditation on the divine (and toxic sludge), we spotlight eight shorts that illustrate a fragile hold on life

A lumber salesman turned high-school footballcoach inspires inner-city teens to become contenders in this Oscar-nominated doc
The Vanishing Spring Light
SNEAK PREVIEW An intimate portrait of a Chinese matriarch
In this gory, entirely fictional horror film, hooligans break into a house looking for a valuable VHS tape
¡Vivan Las Antipodas!
Russian auteur and 2012 True Vision Award winner Victor Kossakovsky offers up a creative vision of planetary opposites

The Waiting Room
SNEAK PREVIEW This fly-on-the-wall tour de force looks at the waiting room of an emergency room in Oakland, California