The North Side of Elm Street between Ninth & Tenth Streets
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights 7 – 11 p.m.

Our search for a spot to show films outside ended at the Missouri United Methodist Church. The prominent wall on the south side is clearly the best outdoor movie screen downtown. Come join us on Elm Street for T/F’s free walk-up cinema.

We’ll be presenting two programs: one a feature film about a nostalgic road trip through time, the other a collection of shorts curated by Wholphin, a quarterly DVD magazine curated by Brent Hoff and Malcolm Pullinger and named after the marine animal.


Filmmaker Matt McCormick stumbled upon a thrift store scrapbook detailing an epic road trip taken by three women in 1958, before the Interstate Highway System was completed. Now, he retraces their steps by consulting the travelers’ mementos, photographs, postcards, and receipts.


B-Flat (Adam Frelin, 5 min.) Eight violinists attempt to play a single note while traveling down the rapids of Japan’s Hozu River. Bearings Glocken (Kawase Kohske, 5 min.) The most beautiful sound ever made by bouncing ball bearings. Dwelling (Hiraki Sawa, 6 min.) An ordinary apartment is filled with miniature airplanes in artist Hiraki Sawa’s meticulously rendered domestic daydream.

Feeder (Joseph Ernst, 4 min.) The first film to show what it’s like to be your own tonsils. Look at the Sun(Brent Hoff, 5 min.) An incredibly close look at the sun in its most inactive and gorgeous state. The Man in the Grey Suit (Roger Teich, 7 min.) In this excerpt from the feature film Don’t Hold Your Breath, the ocean’s most feared predator is far too close and far too personal. Monument Valley Flight Attempt(William Lamson, 2 min.) On the edge of a mesa in Utah, an eight-foot enlargement of a ubiquitous child’s toy takes flight.

Ptychogastria, Spatulate (Brent Hoff, 5 min.) Eight-and-a-half Empire State Buildings deep in the ocean, a robotic arm and a spatula make a scientific discovery. Shot Through (Tom Dale, 4 min.) How to play the drums … with a shotgun. Shrine of Santa Muerte (Carter Gunn & Ross McDonnell, 4 min.) At a shrine in Mexico City, we witness an intimate portrait of a religious cult’s devotion to “The Skinny One.”

Southern Exposure (Christopher Sheehy, 2 min.) The world’s most dangerous jog. Styrofoam (Noah Sheldon, 5 min.) A filmmaker’s iPhone captures a Shanghai woman’s delicately beautiful and inventive approach to recycling.