A note from T/F co-conspirator, David Wilson:

A quick note from David about some changes to the True/False programming team next year as he refocuses his role at True/False in pursuit of some creative endeavors:


For fifteen years I’ve served as the co-conspirator and part of the programming team at True/False. I can imagine few personal or professional experiences more rewarding. I cannot begin to describe all that I’ve learned from the True/False team, especially my co-founder Paul Sturtz.

Most of you know me as a film festival director and programmer. Many of you also know that I make movies. For the last ten years I’ve worked to keep myself active in both sides of my creative and professional life. But there’s no question that it has, at times, been a challenging juggling act. So, for 2019, I’m going to be restructuring my fest work with an eye towards freeing up some time for more active filmmaking.

This is a one year experiment. I’ll be reorganizing my festival load to better focus on new initiatives and longterm projects – the kind of stuff that’s been really difficult to work on in the midst of programming. The biggest change for me will be stepping away from programming. I’m quite sure that the feeling of not being in the trenches alongside my fellow programmers will be akin to some sort of phantom limb syndrome, but I’m even more sure that the fest is in the very best of hands. And I’ll be maintaining a creative presence across the fest, helping out as needed and continuing to serve as creative foil for Paul.

Finally, this step for me wouldn’t be possible, in many ways, without my partner in ALL things, the extraordinary Arin Liberman. I’m looking forward to supporting her in the coming year as she returns to full-time work at True/False.