2018 FILM BUMPER PROVERBS - True/False Film Fest 2018 FILM BUMPER PROVERBS - True/False Film Fest

February 26, 2018


The magic of True/False lies within the community, the interconnected web of creator and consumer that is drawn even tighter during the magic of the festival weekend. Dedicated Festgoers have probably noticed that we carefully craft daily film bumpers, short videos that play before every True/False film, based on the visual theme. This year, the bumpers will feature richly designed setpieces (made by Chelsea Myers and Becca Sullinger) that illustrate a variety of weather proverbs from multiple cultures, casting a wide net for the most visually intriguing ones. Keep a close eye on each day’s videos and see if you’re able to identify some of these adages that foretell seasonal happenings. Some are more obscure than others.


There’s a total of twenty eight proverbs featured over the four days. Identify five or more and send your guesses to [email protected] and you’ll be entered in a drawing to receive a True/False 2019 Lux Pass. The top three that guess the most correctly will get one of those swanky 2018 poster jigsaw puzzles.


Daily bumpers will be posted HERE for viewers intent on taking a second, third, or fourth look.