Upon the start of a new festival season, a few important notes regarding True/False film submissions:

Filmmakers, Festivals, Friends…we’ve quit Withoutabox! We built our own application tool, available directly on our website here: truefalse.org/submit

Before applying, please consider these thoughts, in response to some (very) frequently asked questions.

1. On Waivers:

Waivers are for festival alumni only (and occasionally, based on need, for filmmakers in developing nations). We understand many many doc makers are doing so on a tight budget – but we need to charge a fee. To us, the fee is a guarantee that we take care of your film. That your film is being watched all the way through, at least once, by a vetted member of our screening committee, and that we will take the time to send you a personalized message whether or not we are able to program your film.

2. On Premiere Requirements:

No, we do not have strict premiere status requirements. We aspire to be a platform for the world’s greatest nonfiction cinema, and when we come across vital new work, we want to share it with our audiences. However, we screen fewer than forty features and twenty-five shorts, so when a film is already available, or is about to be available, to our audiences, it feels less urgent. As such, we very rarely program films — particularly features — that are, or have been available online, theatrically, on TV or via on demand. We typically play films very early in their lives, though many may have played other festivals.

3. On Programming Goals:

True/False is open to all works of nonfiction cinema. We also consider chimeric works that straddle the line between nonfiction and fiction. We value formal inventiveness and craftsmanship; we give no extra points to “important” messages or stories. True/False does not screen didactic work nor does it play documentaries best suited for the small screen.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve been making this year!

Arin Liberman

Programming & Communications Manager

Questions? [email protected]