All Good Things
Dir. Chloe Domont; 26 min.

Ron and Maria Domont met at an AA meeting, fell in love and started a family of four. Decades later, the family remains happily intact, but there’s a surprising new addition. Daughter Chloe's droll and tender film stakes out fresh territory in the personal documentary canon. (Plays in: The New Family)

Antonio, Dashing Antonio
Dir. Ana Maria Gomes; 2015; 42 min.

At 19, Antonio fled his Portuguese farm family for life on the other side of the globe. Five decades later, his decision still leaves an irrevocably sour taste. Ana Maria Gomes shrewdly constructed film revisits the parable of the prodigal son. (Plays in: Edith + Eddie + Antonio)

Dir. Nathan Truesdell; 2017; 6 min.

Mid-Missouri cult hero Nathan Truesdell sifts through a Cleveland TV station's archives and unearths a fancy wrist watch, blistered fingers and other casualties of a misbegotten exercise in civic pride. (Plays in: The World Laughs With You)

Best of Luck with the Wall
Dir. Josh Begley; 2016; 7 min.

Embark on a dazzling, dizzying tour of the nearly two thousand miles separating Mexico from its paranoid neighbor to the north. (Plays in: Making Good Neighbors)

Brief History of Princess X
Dir. Gabriel Abrantes; 7 min.

Full of delightful tangents, this brisk and witty film revisits the legacy of Princess X, Romanian sculptor Constantin BrâncuČ™i's bronze  of Maria Bonaparte. (Plays in: The World Laughs With You)

Commodity City
Dir. Jessica Kingdon; 2016; 10 min.

Peer into the stalls of China's Yiwu Market, an enormous complex where thousands of vendors hawk toys, trinkets and other tiny goods. (Plays in: The World Laughs With You)

Deer Squad: The Movie
Dir. Pipus Larsen, Kenneth Gug, Scott J. Ross; 2017; 5 min.

Kelvin used powdered donuts to amass a following of deer friends, but now it's time to introduce them to a healthier alternative. (Plays in: Making Good Neighbors)

Describe What You Heard
Dir. Joe Callander and Jason Tippet; 2017; 3 min.

King of the pithy short doc Joe Callander ("Tina Delivers a Goat") and Jason Tippet (Only the Young) address our country's gun violence epidemic in this ingenious provocation. (Plays with: Safari)

The Diver
Dir. Esteban Arrangoiz; 2015; 16 min.

In this gorgeous portrait, meet Julio César Cu Cámara, who regularly submerges himself in a sea of waste to maintain Mexico City's sewer system. (Plays in: Making Good Neighbors)

Dir. Laura Checkoway; 2017; 30 min.

Director Laura Checkoway tenderly captures the sweet love that binds Edith and Eddie, the world's oldest interracial newlyweds, and then witnesses the heart-rending custody battle that threatens their marriage. (Plays in: Edith + Eddie + Antonio)

Dir. Thora Lorentzen; 2016; 21 min.

Young Tunisian boys breakdance, hop trains and contemplate escape in this sui generis slice of life. (Plays in: Young Money)

Fish Story
Dir. Charlie Lyne; 2017; 12 min.

Mr. Cod, have you met Mrs. Halibut? This witty, playful work of reportage investigates the fishiness of memory. (Plays in: The World Laughs With You)

Happy Happy Baby
Dir. Jan Soldat; 2017; 22 min.

Director Jan Soldat continues to catalogue our world's most unusual fetishes with this surprisingly sweet study of adult babies. (Plays in: The New Family)

The Hollow Coin
Dir. Frank Heath; 2016; 13 min.

A man has lost a very special nickel in a New York City phone booth. Will customer service come to the rescue? (Plays in: The World Laughs With You)

If Only There Were Peace
Dir. Carmine Grimaldi & Deniz Tortum; 2017; 30 min.

In rural Turkey, a mismatched film crew guns for international acclaim with a topical melodrama. (Plays in: Making Good Neighbors)

Dir. Laura Henno; 2016; 19 min.

Enter the heart of darkness, as we follow a young orphan learning how to covertly pilot speedboats full of migrants. (Plays in: Young Money)

My Daughter Nora
Dir. Jasna Krajinovic; 2016; 16 min.

A riveting, close-up examination of a brave mother in the aftermath of her daughter's sudden decision to join the fight in Syria. (Plays in: Young Money)

one of the roughs, a kosmos
Dir. Carmine Grimaldi; 2016; 21 min.

Grimaldi turns his kinetic camera on the enigmatic world of Maggie-Mae, an imaginative young girl who tends sheep on the family farm. (Plays in: The New Family)

Dir. Agnieszka Elbanowska; 2016; 16 min.

This sly, precisely crafted comedy transports us to the quirky Polish village of Aleksandrów Kujawski, where culture center officials have decided to host a "patriotism contest." (Plays in: The World Laughs With You)

Project X
Dir. Laura Poitras & Henrik Moltke; 2016; 10 min.

What exactly is that creepy, windowless Manhattan skyscraper? Henrik Moltke and 2010 True Vision recipient Laura Poitras offer chilling answers in this spy-themed slowburn starring Michelle Williams and Rami Malek. (Plays in: The World Laughs With You)

The Rabbit Hunt
Dir. Patrick Bresnan; 2017; 12 min.

On a sugar farm in rural Florida, a high school senior deploys his troops with tactical precision. Filmmaker Patrick Bresnan tags along in this masterful, alluring work of observational cinema. (Plays in: Young Money)

Servicing Guide: Fannie Mae Single Family, Subpart A4-2.1-02, Property Inspection Vendor Management and Oversight (11/12/2014)
Dir. Carmine Grimaldi; 2016; 13 min.

Jason, aka "The Beast," serves as our unreliable guide on an unsettling tour of our country's foreclosed homes. (Plays in: Making Good Neighbors)