32 + 4
Dir. Chan Hau Chun; 2015; 32 min.

In this personal odyssey and ghost story, a young Hong Kong filmmaker autopsies a complex web of family secrets. (Plays in Release Me, Let Me Go)

Dir. Tatiana Huezo; 2015; 29 min.

It’s been five years since Lulú’s eight-year-old son and husband were kidnapped. All that was left was her husband’s shoe. With tremendous poise and her daughter by her side, she continues to search. (Plays in Release Me, Let Me Go)

Bacon & God's Wrath
Dir. Sol Friedman; 2015; 9 min.

After discovering the Google, a 90-year-old Jewish woman decides to try bacon for the first time in her life. Is she going to hell? (Plays with Thy Father’s Chair)

Dir. Elizabeth Lo; 2015; 9 min.

A quietly devastating look at a family of Ponderai Native Americans as they travel to Yellowstone to preserve their treaty hunting rights. (Plays in Stand Beside Her and Guide Her)

Bring Me the Head of Tim Horton
Dir. Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson & Galen Johnson; 2015; 31 min.

The iconoclastic filmmaker Guy Maddin infiltrates the set of an Afghanistan war drama directed by "the great Canadian populist," Paul Gross, and exposes its rotten core. (Plays in My Best Fiasco)

Dir. Jack Dunphy; 2015; 4 min.

The director calls his younger sister, and after some nasty but good-natured ribbing, the conversation unexpectedly takes a turn. (Plays in You Just Can't Win)

Concerned Student 1950
Dir. Varun Bajaj, Adam Dietrich, Kellan Marvin; 2016; 30 min.

This vivid and stirring short brings us up close with Concerned Student 1950, a collective of Black student activists at the University of Missouri, during their history-making protest, which resulted in the resignation of the university's system president. Presented with Field of Vision. (Plays at 11:30pm Saturday, March 5 at Missouri Theatre. Those attending 9:45pm screening of Secret Screening Navy are welcome to stay for the short. For those not at Secret Screening Navy, True/False will be passing out a separate, free, Q starting at 10:30pm.)

El Enemigo
Dir. Aldemar Matias; 2015; 26 min.

Mayelín roams Havana’s streets, handing out citation after citation in this absurdist look at Cuban bureaucracy. (Plays in You Just Can't Win)

Everything and More
Dir. Rachel Rose; 2015; 12 min.

Milk, oil, EDM and Aretha bring us out of body and closer to the cosmos in this sensorial knockout. (Plays with Another Country)

Girls and Boys
Dir. Tomasz Gubernat; 2015; 14 min.

In Brooklyn, a passionate dance instructor is determined to instill grace into the footwork of her disinterested teenage students. (Plays with Secret Screening Aqua)

Good White People
Dir. Jarrod Welling-Cann & Erick Stoll; 2015; 16 min.

In an historically Black neighborhood of Cincinnati, a family closes shop as new residents roll in on their Segways and craft beer carts. (Plays in Stand Beside Her and Guide Her)

Impression of a War
Dir. Camilo Restrepo; 2015; 27 min.

A chilling, unrelenting tour of Colombian violence that ricochets from dye-stained rivers to fruit stands to underground punk shows. (Plays in My Best Fiasco)

In Defense of the Rocket
Dir. Martin Ginestie; 2015; 5 min.

The Palestinian-Israeli peace talks take the shape of a symphony in this punchy short from two-time T/F alum Martin Ginestie. (Plays in You Just Can't Win)

Love, Love
Dir. Grzegorz Zariczny; 2015; 22 min.

With her inebriated father passed out on the couch, an aspiring hairdresser from Krakow chats with her elusive online lover. (Plays in You Just Can't Win)

My Aleppo
Dir. Melissa Langer; 2015; 18 min.

In South Africa, a young family of Syrian refugees huddle around a laptop in their one-bedroom apartment, awaiting news from home. (Plays in My Best Fiasco)

Nothing Human
Dir. Tom Rosenberg; 2015; 17 min.

Private investigator Louis Akin walks us through a life-size reconstruction of an American military base shooting, providing a precise history of violence. (Plays in Stand Beside Her and Guide Her)

Dir. Nathan Silver; 2015; 4 min.

Inspired by the Los Angeles riots, a power hungry nine-year-old tries his hand at filmmaking. (Plays in My Best Fiasco)

Speaking is Difficult
Dir. A.J. Schnack; 2016; 14 min.

Harrowing police scanner audios are set against placid landscapes in this urgent treatise on an American epidemic. (Plays in Stand Beside Her and Guide Her)

Dir. Eleanor Mortimer; 2014; 17 min.

A transfixing, up-close look at the monkeys of Gibraltar as they dodge the government's peashooters. (Plays in You Just Can't Win)

These C*cksucking Tears
Dir. Dan Taberski; 2015; 16 min.

In 1973, gay country singer Patrick Haggerty released 1000 copies of his landmark album Lavender Country. Forty years later, he still hasn't lost his edge. (Plays in Stand Beside Her and Guide Her)

Dir. Victor Kossakovsky; 2015; 26 min.

At a ballet school in Saint Petersburg, two young sisters find themselves pushed to their limits in this tender, masterfully directed short by T/F 2012 True Vision recipient Victor Kossakovsky. (Plays in Release Me, Let Me Go)