Abandoned Goods
Dir. Edward Lawrenson, Pia Borg; 2014; 37 min.

Between 1946 and 1981, patients at Netherne Psychiatric Hospital in the heart of the English countryside took part in a pioneering art therapy program. Like a time capsule from inside the asylum, "Abandoned Goods" mines a rich archive including  thousands of works produced there to become a profoundly moving exploration of outsider art. (plays with: Jeff Embrace Your Past)

Among Us
Dir. Guido Hendrikx; 2015; 25 min.

Three smart, thoughtful men discuss their taboo desires in this sensitive, transfixing film. (Plays in You Can't Get There From Here)

The Blazing World
Dir. Jessica Bardsley; 19 min.

In this beautifully constructed essay film, director Jessica Bardsley locates and reflects on the intersection of kleptomania, depression and Winona Ryder. (Plays in Girl You Know It's True)

Call of Duty
Dir. Matt Lenski; 6 min.

Matt Lenski (T/F 2012's unforgettable "The Meaning of Robots") locates a wisecracking New York jury duty clerk who tries his best to pep up the waiting room. (Plays in Time is a Thief)

Dir. Charlie Lyne; 2015; 8 min.

“Copycat” explores the conflicted legacy of an overlooked, ahead-of-its-time horror film. (Plays in Brush With Fame)

Eric, Winter to Spring
Dir. Danya Abt; 2014; 15 min.

Rich in atmosphere, this film profiles of a New York City poet and taxi driver as he confronts his past. (Plays in Time is a Thief)

The Face of Ukraine
Dir. Kitty Green; 7 min.

Kitty Green (Ukraine is not a Brothel) closely observes young performers as they audition to play legendary Ukrainian figure skating champion Oksana Baiul. (Plays in You Can't Get There From Here)

Former Models
Dir. Benjamin Pearson; 20 min.

The rise and fall of a pre-fab boy group is the impetus for a heady investigation into notions of identity. (Plays in Girl You Know It's True)

Hotel 22
Dir. Elizabeth Lo; 8 min.

A Palo Alto late night bus route is turned into a traveling homeless shelter. (Plays in You Can't Get There From Me)

Dir. Vanessa Renwick; 6 min.

Vanessa Renwick observes a flock of Vaux's Swift as they careen around an Oregon tower. (Plays in You Can't Get There From Here)

Dir. Sean Clark; 15 min.

In this clever, amusing short, director Sean Clark tries its best to keep up with the early risers who roam the cavernous Mall of America. (Plays in Time is a Thief

My Gal, Rosemarie
Dir. Jason Tippet; 2015; 16 min.

Jason Tippet's (Only the Young) bittersweet ode to Ray and Rosemarie, an enduring, endearing married couple. (Plays in Time is a Thief)

Dir. Paulina SkibiƄska; 13 min.

"Object" offers entrancing abstract images of an underseas dive, leading to an unexpected conclusion. (Plays in Girl You Know It's True)

One Year Lease
Dir. Brian Bolster; 11 min.

Director Brian Bolster hilariously chronicles his experiences with the landlady from hell. (Screens in You Can't Get There From Here)

The Reagan Shorts
Dir. Pacho Velez; 2015; 10 min.

The co-director of T/F 2014's Manakamana digs into the archives of President Ronald Reagan and finds the actor/politician dealing with some unexpected snafus. (Plays in Brush With Fame)

{THE AND}: Marcela & Rock
Dir. Topaz Adizes; 12 min.

A committed couple is put through a cathartic wringer. (Plays in Time is a Thief)

Transformers The Premake
Dir. Kevin B. Lee; 2014; 25 min.

A spectacular "desktop documentary" that uses online media to take us on a multi-faceted tour through the creation of a Michael Bay blockbuster. (Plays in Brush With Fame)

White Chimney
Dir. Jani Peltonen; 25 min.

The enigmatic "White Chimney" takes us to an old Finnish hotel where, in 1939, a movie cast gathered for an infamous party. (Plays in Brush With Fame)

The Woolworths Choir of 1979
Dir. Elizabeth Price; 20 min.

"The Woolsworth Choir of 1979" bracingly fuses ecclesiastical architecture, a notorious fire and the Shangri-Las. (Plays in Girl You Know It's True)

Dir. Simon Gillard; 19 min.

"Yaar" transports us to Burkina Faso, where its camera is first hypnotized then horrified by the work of gold miners. (Plays in Time is a Thief)