2013 Music

Maybe we should call it the T/F Busking (and Film) Festival. These musicians are T/F's secret weapon to ensure that our festival is the most festive around. They play at parties, lead the March March on Mar. 1 down Ninth Street, and busk before the films in all of our venues. Tip your hat, give them a high five, and maybe slip them a five if you like them because lord knows we don't pay them enough.

Anonymous Choir

Nona Marie of Dark Dark Dark (T/F 2012) joins the voices of ten soulful ladies, forming a choral flood of plaintive tunes that inundate the senses and soothe the soul.  Anonymous Choir Bandcamp

Busman's Holiday

The brothers Rogers from Bloomington, Indiana play folk pop with an acoustic guitar, a suit case-based drum set and well-placed harmonies.


The masterminds behind Dirty Disco, Seoul Train and BWAHA return to DJ the Volunteer Party for another year.  Bwaha Soundcloud

Cindy Woolf and Mark Bilyeu

Cindy’s voice, with its sweet Missouri twang, warms our insides like a long drink of moonshine. Take a pull and feel it burn so good. Cindy's Facebook Page

Cloud Dog

Takes us upriver into psychedelic electronic tribal euphoria with three drummers to steer the way. Cloud Dog Soundcloud

Dark Blue Dark Green

Two brothers, one cousin, and the future collide, causing a tidal wave of sheer chaotic bliss. Sure to keep you on your feet and wanting more.  Dark Blue Dark Green Website

David Wax Museum

Combining Latin rhythms, call-and-response hollering, accordion pumping, and donkey jawbone rattling, the Museum have electrified audiences across the country with their unique Mexo-Americana aesthetic. David Wax Museum Website

DJ rat

An eclectic mashup of electro, house, cumbia, minimal techno, afrobeat, and r&b.  DJ rAT Soundcloud

DJ Underdog

An eclectic mashup of electro, house, cumbia, minimal techno, afrobeat, and r&b.  DJ Underdog Soundcloud

Dubb Nubb

Dubb Nubb is a family folk band that tells stories through images of highways and cities, nature and concrete, ghosts and lovers.  Dubb Nubb Facebook Page

The Flood Brothers

The Flood Brothers sound, rich with boot-stompin' rhythms and heart-tuggin' blues, was born on the banks of the Mississippi River and cultivated in the Delta sun.  The Flood Brothers on Facebook

Flux Bikes

Flux Bikes turns bicycle wheels into percussion instruments, incorporating West African rhythms, electro-acoustic techniques, and improvisation.  Flux Bikes Bandcamp

A Hawk and a Hacksaw

Instrumental tunes heavily influenced by the Balkans and Eastern Europe, Jeremy Barnes (Neutral Milk Hotel) and Heather Trost (Beirut) weave a sultry, mesmerizing sound. A Hawk and a Hacksaw Website


A mathematician by day, musician by night, Hema plays Carnatic Music, the traditional music of Southern India, on the veena, accompanied by violin and flute.

The Hooten Hallers

For these two Missouri boys, the pie in the sky is a bottle of whiskey and a damn good story to tell.  The Hooten Hallers on Facebook

Hott lunch

Hott Lunch plays direct, punchy rock ’n’ roll songs with sonic roots deep in the mud of psychedelic grooves. 


Husk is the half-dormant side venture of Believers' Wesley Powell. Focused on pared-down arrangements, it began as a collection of scratch recordings about happenings back in Missouri, reawakened when time permits.

Jack Grelle and the Johnson Family

Staying true to the “Old Weird American” tradition, Jack Grelle writes country and folk songs that tell the stories of a modern-day traveler. With the Johnson Family behind him, they’ll range from truckin’ country to bar-room ballads.  Jack Grelle Bandcamp

James Miska and Lake Mary

James Miska and Chaz Prymek are acoustic troubadours and the original members of Bramble. Now based in Columbia, this dreamy duet reunites to serenade us!

Jerusalem and the Starbaskets

Country-loving trio Jeremy Freeze, Kim Sherman, and Jon Garland wrap sharp-edged guitars and meandering vocals in layers of fuzz and distortion. Jerusalem and the Starbaskets on Facebook

Lizzie Wright Super Space Ship

Nobody leaves one of Lizzie’s performances without clapping along to songs about trees, insects, robots, and love.  Lizzie Wright Bandcamp


Cuddle up for some freak folk with this spirited duo.


Crystal vocals and the biggest of beats.  MNDR is a pop chanteuse for/from the future.  Official MNDR Website

Mountain Animation

Lightning-quick banjo and flame-throwing violin mayhem, backed with minimalist percussion, takes listeners to higher elevations.  Mountain Animation Bandcamp

Mucca Pazza

Rolling in 30 deep with almost every instrument you can imagine, this raucous and eclectic marching band brings the high energy and good times. Back for a third time to head the beloved March March.  Mucca Pazza Website

Nathaniel Braddock

From traditional African guitar and Spanish Flamenco to original compositions, Nathaniel Braddock is an accomplished classical guitarist.  Nathaniel Braddock Website

The Onions

The Onions are four boys with three-part harmonies, at least two hearts breaking and one single faith in the glories of pop music. 

La Operación Jarocha

A collective of musicians from Veracruz, Mexico, that embody the spontaneous spirit of traditional jarocha music. See them live and hear them on the score for Who Is Dayani Cristal.  Leonardo's Website

Paul Rucker

A veteran musician, composer & artist who wields a cello with fierce furiousity and finesse.  Paul Rucker Website


This classically trained musician and esteemed scholar moonlights with his wandering folk songs on the mbira and slit drum.  Prahlad's Website

Rip Rap

This trio’s sound mixes garage, surf, & psych. Their name and their songs are short and to the point.

Run On Sentence

Dustin Hamman’s voice quavers sometimes, not from nervousness but rather the acute honesty and haunting peacefulness that escape from each song he sings. Run on Sentence's website.

Ruth Acuff

Multi-instrumentalist Ruth Acuff strumms your heartstrings and soothes your senses. Ruth Acuff's soundcloud page.

Seoul Train

The masterminds behind Dirty Disco, Seoul Train and BWAHA return to the Volunteer Party for another year. Seoul Food's soundcloud page.

So Many Dynamos

Barbed, intertwined guitar riffs and drum assaults barrel down on you at dangerous speeds, and rarely let up for the duration . . . all to the ecstatic pleasure of warm, fuzzy eardrums and sweaty dance-floor workouts. So Many Dynamos' website.

Syna So Pro

Syrhea Conaway layers rhythms and vocals with a looping station and a microphone, resulting in an enchanting a capella experience like none other. Syna So Pro's Reverbnation page.


Hailing from the misty shores of Maine, True/False veterans Toughcats return for their sixth year to pick, strum, and tap their way into your hearts with a high-energy bluegrass twang.  Toughcats website.

Wooden Indian Burial Ground

Portland's Wooden Indian Burial Ground brings a fuzzy, sweaty, reverb-drenched beast to the dinner table. Wooden Indian Burial Ground's bandcamp page.

Yes Ma'am

Soaked in Deep South lore, these muddy tunes come from one of New Orleans’ finest busking bands. Yes Ma'am's Bandcamp page