We feature live music at every screening, and have concerts every night of the Fest. Get to know our 2016 musicians below. To see all these musicians in action, buy a Busker Band here.

Anni Rossi

Sweet folk pop melodies wound with syncopated viola plucking and tough, driven charm.

Bella Donna

The apogee of Ozark jazz.

Bruiser Queen

‘60s girl pop trapped inside garage rock, lashing out with pure melodies.

Champagne Jerry

Sun-drenched, suburban coast realness.

Cousin Cole

CoMO native turned toast of Brooklyn, Cole's mixes and remixes are dug by discerning DJs the world over. Soundcloud

The Creek Rocks

Cindy Woolf & Mark Bilyeu represent the Platonic ideal of roots music emanating from the Ozark woods.

The David Wax Museum

Blending traditional Mexican Son with American roots music  in what they call "Mexo-Americana.”

DeQn Sue

Alternative pop with a sharp lyrical edge bursting with message and humor.

Devin Frank Vanishing Blues Band

Real rock reverberating through the rafters through quick turn of phrase and guitar madness.

Discwoman: Bearcat

Bearcat’s electronic mixes burn with the deep throb of the city.

Discwoman: DJ Abby

Unpredictable mash ups with a high, bass-y touch.

DJ Bwaha

Father of Dirty Disco, Columbia dancefloor instigator.

DJ rAt

Liberation and transformation through mindful dancefloor beats.

DJ Underdog

A globalization of dance-ready sound.

The Flood Brothers

A bluesy duo of electrified Mississippi honky-tonk.

Gora Gora Orkestar

A high-energy caravan spreading the gospel of Balkan funk brass.

Hearing Things

Leading the neo-surf rock wave, Hearing Things hail from Brooklyn, NY.

Lee Fields & the Expressions

Authentic r&b from an original soul-shaking legend.

The Lentils (solo)

Freak folk poet Luke Csehak escaped Vermont for sunny L.A., packing his bags with undeniable melodies and catawampus vocals.

Les Trois Coups

Original busker showmen straight from the streets of France.

Lone Piñon

Mexico filtered through Midwestern roots.

Mal Devisa

Soulful songs from a talented songwriter who plays bass guitar and saxophone.


With rotating songwriters, Malone’s intense murmurations change ever so slightly, levitating audiences with their lyrical, melodic harmonies.

Marisa Anderson

Instrumental electric guitar raised on high by gospel blues.

Molly Healey

Looped strings and calming voice create a moving symphony of one.

Nevada Greene

Electronic soundscapes that blanket the room like a calming blizzard of noise.

The Onions

The perfectly harmonized pitch of 50s & 60s sugary pop song covers.


Poet and scholar, this esteemed folklorist plays his music with moving, emotive hands bringing to life the rich history of the mbira and slit drum.

Rahim AlHaj

Master of the lute-like oud, AlHaj strums traditional Iraqi sounds with bold ease.

Relevant Hairstyles

Local legends of rock n’ roll that rarely emerge from their dark creative lair.

River Kittens

The intensity of feral folk wrapped in soft, cooing fur.

Ruth Acuff

The harpist with the bell-toned voice.

Samuel James

James reimagines the guitar through rhythmic blues, augmented by vivid storytelling.

Screaming Females

Shredding guitar, piercing vibrato and pure, hard rock rising from the basements of NJ.


Spirited grunge funk from Shreveport shining a light into the future of rock n’ roll!

SK Kakraba

SK Kakraba’s West African xylophone booms an unearthly thunder for the spirits.


A duo of taut male harmonies & guitar, songs like a sweet, dear friend.

Swear Beam

Rough-jangled rock roaring with a sonic growl.

Travis McFarlane

Pipe organ hallucinations and whisperings from the silent film era.

Wishbone Zoë

Through loops and song Wishbone Zoë’s sonic wizardry builds towers of sounds.

Yes Ma'am

Gritty New Orleans ragtime punk.

Your Friend

Taryn Miller’s musical vibrations move like a heavy mist on the rolling plains.