We feature live music at every screening, and concerts every night of the Fest. Get to know our 2015 musicians below. To see all these musicians in action, buy a Busker Band here. Plus, watch busker videos here!

Anonymous Choir

Nona Marie of Dark Dark Dark joins the voices of ten soulful ladies, forming a choral flood of plaintive tunes.

Bruiser Queen

Bruiser Queen blends 21st Century garage punk stomp with 60's girl group shimmy.


Birthed in Columbia and now based in Chicago, CAVE play shamanic psychedelia. With ecstatic rhythms and spacey yet tight jams, expect them to open your third eye.

Cindy Woolf and Mark Bilyeu

The sound of Missouri distilled: Cindy’s voice, with its sweet Missouri twang, warms our insides like a long drink of moonshine while her harmonizing partner Mark Bilyeu (formerly of the legendary Big Smith) helps extend the Ozarks a few miles northward.

Como Mamas

Hailing from Como, Mississippi this powerful acapella trio belts out deep Soulful southern gospel tunes.

Cousin Cole

CoMO native turned toast of Brooklyn, Cole's mixes and remixes are dug by discerning DJs the world over.

David Wax Museum

Combining Latin rhythms, call-and-response hollering, accordion pumping, and donkey jawbone rattling, the Museum are steadily winning back the land illegally taken in the Mexican-American War.

DJ Bwaha

BWAHA, co-founder of Dirty Disco, will be attacking the volunteer party again this year! From disco to trap he will use all genres at his disposal to get your booty bouncing!

DJ Gold E Mouf

Chicago based DJ Gold E Mouf serves up a mix of bounce, house, and R&B to keep you on your feet all night.


This dreamy St. Joseph surf sextet are buoyant messengers from Missouri’s near West.

Dubb Nubb

Dubb Nubb is a family folk band that tells stories through images of highways and cities, nature and concrete, ghosts and lovers.

El Haru Kuroi

An East LA trio rooted in Mexican, South American and African melodies and rhythms has initiated a fierce style and sound.


Maximalist Psych-Rock collective Fliight have been conducting loud sound experiments since 2009.

The Flood Brothers

The Flood Brothers sound, rich with boot-stompin' rhythms and heart-tuggin' blues, was born on the banks of the Mississippi River and cultivated in the Delta sun.

Flux Bikes

Flux Bikes turns bicycle wheels into percussion instruments, incorporating West African rhythms, electro-acoustic techniques, and improvisation.

Jack Grelle and Ryan Koenig

A duo made up of a Missouri troubadour and a world renowned multi-instrumentalist, Jack Grelle and Ryan Koenig bring a heartfelt variety of original country music from south of the border to the red bricks of South City St. Louis


Psychedelic farmland, rolling hills and green pastures echoing reverb-soaked electric guitars and yodels are the fabric that wrap Billy Haring’s songs in Jowlz.

Lizzie Wright Super Space Ship

Nobody leaves one of Lizzie’s performances without clapping along to songs about trees, insects, robots, and love.

Messy Sparkles

Messy Sparkles is John Paul. His one man show is part DJ and part live performance offering a shower of bass heavy beats and melodic layered vocals.  

Miss Jubilee and The Humdingers

This hot swing band are a welcome throwback to St. Louis’ golden age, driven by a  groovy stand-up bass, horns, bebop guitar solos and a sultry songstress.

Molly Gene Onewhoaman Band

A whirlwind from Warrensburg, Missouri, Molly Gene’s delivers the Delta through her boozed-soaked vocals, hound-dog harmonica, swampified guitars, and crushing drums.

The Onions

The Onions are five boys with three-part harmonies and one single faith in the glories of pop music.

Pat Sajak Assassins

With a nod to the progressive rock pioneers of the 60’s and 70’s and blurts of free-jazz skronk, the Pat Sajak Assassins let chaos reign.

Paul Rucker

This veteran musician, composer & artist takes his cello into the cosmos.


This classically trained musician and esteemed scholar moonlights with his wandering folk songs on the mbira and slit drum.

Rae Fitzgerald

Smoky-voiced, sad-eyed and seriously soulful, Rae Fitzgerald is a songwriter’s songwriter.

Raya Brass Band

With influences from Montenegro to New Orleans, this fiery Balkan-style band bursts with a frenetic joie de vivre.

Ruth Acuff

Harpist Ruth Acuff weaves intricate stories with delicate strings accompanied by her loved ones on bass, glockenspiel and vocals.  This year she will toting her full-sized concert harp.

Samuel James

This steel guitar phenom has been called “the guardian of lightning” for his electrifying, stomping blues.

Shilpa Ray

A collaborator with Nick Cave, the fierce harmonium player and singer Shilpa Ray with her band create glam-rock operas inspired by the Shangri-Las by way of the Ramones.


These talented guitar players channel folk duos of generations past with catchy songs, close harmonies and driving rhythms played on nylon strings.

Steven Carrel

Steven is one of Missouri’s finest songwriters, who belts out heartbreaking country ballads.

Strangled Darlings

This Gothic folk duo from Portland, Oregon are chased by the phantoms of Americana and living luminaries like Tom Waits.

Syna So Pro

Syrhea Conaway layers rhythms and vocals with a looping station and a microphone, resulting in an enchanting a capella experience.

The Woodsmiths

The rootsy Woodsmiths let us know what it’s like to sleep in squat houses and drink whiskey on the riverside.

Yes Ma'am

Soaked in Deep South lore, these are New Orleans’ most rollicking buskers.

Your Friend

Recently signed to Domino Records, Your Friend is Kansan Taryn Miller whose haunted voice peaks and dips like a flock of birds over prairies of aching guitar chords.