9 Lanterns
Artist: Duncan Bindbeutel Location: Rhynsburger Theatre courtyard
9th St Woodland Observatorium
Artist: Emily Hemeyer Location: 9th Street (in front of Kaldi's)
All That is Possible is Real
Artist: Alicia Eggert Location: Alley A @ 9th Street
Camera Obscure
Artist: Duncan Bindbeutel Location: Picturehouse lawn
Cool White
Artist: Glenn Rice Location: Alley A @ 8th Street
Crafting the Path
Artist: Maggy Rhein Location: Picturehouse
Artists: Gabrielle Parish and Jessica Waller Location: @ction! Party
Curating the Anarchy of the Visible
Artist: Fergus P. Moore Location: downtown
Davey B Gravey's Tiny Cinema
Artist: Davey B Gravy Location: 9th Street at Cherry (near Harold's Doughnuts)
Artist: Willy Wilson Location: The Globe
Fabrocybin Halloo
Artist: Sasha Goodnow Location: Field Sessions (Fred Smith Forum @ RJI)
Forrest Theater at the Tiger Hotel
Artists: Michael Marcum / Fran Lakatos / TF APW Location: Forrest Theater
Artist: Nicole Baker Location: Picturehouse
The Globe
Artists: TF APW Location: Globe lobby
Jerry's Map
Artist: Jerry Gretzinger Location: Hittsville / Uprise gallery
The Knacks
Artists: Tracy Greever-Rice & Jessica Dekker Location: The Vimeo Theater at the Blue Note
Komplex, Report on the Election Day
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Artist: Bob Hartzell Location: the Vimeo Theater at the Blue Note
Lay of the Land
Artist: Taylor Ross Location: Picturehouse
Artist: Glenn Rice Location: Alley A @ Hitt Street
Lost Letters
Artists: Neon Treehouse Location: Lost Letters
Music Venues
Artist: Madeline Carl Location: Cafe Berlin + Rose Music Hall
Oceanic Blue Note
Artists: TF APW Location: The Vimeo Theater at the Blue Note
Picturehouse Portrait Project
Artists: Various Location: Picturehouse
Artist: HOTTEA Location: Rotunda @ Jesse Hall
River Atlas
Artists: The APW Location: Missouri Theatre
Signage around the Fest
Artist: Glenn Rice Location: Various
Sitting History Archive Project
Artists: Dan and Luc Goldstein Location: Rhynsburger Theatre lobby
Terra Incognita
Artists: Mollie Hosmer-Dillard and Zoe Hosmer-Dillard Location: Box Office
The Tunnel
Artist: The APW Location: 9th & Elm
Two Itinerant Quilters
Artists: Lenka Clayton and Joanna Wright Location: Rotunda @ Jesse Hall
The Unfound Tapestries
Artist: Tracy Greever-Rice Location: The Globe
Willy Wilson Theater
Artists: Michael Marcum & Jessie Starbuck