Box Office
Lose track of time in our box office, designed by local artist Gabrielle Parish.
Cafe Berlin
Local time-traveling artists Madeline Carl and Ben Bushman journeyed to the future to bring back the fossils and luminous crystals that adorn the stage at Cafe Berlin; bask in their mysterious glow as you take in the fabulous busker tunes.
Camera Obscure
“Camera Obscure,” Chicago-based artist Duncan Bindbeutel’s larger than life camera will be on display on the lawn of the Picturehouse.
Campfire Stories
Cute animals and a roaring fire make this event warm and cozy!
As an alternative clock, the swing this of pendulum celebrates time as movement.
A Commemorative Sectional of What Is
On your way out of The Globe, take a gander at the late, great Willy Wilson’s dragon, still going strong, joined this year by St Louis-based artist Emily Hemeyer’s “A Commemorative Sectional of What Is,” which mimics the evolving contours of riverways and floodplains of our region, reflecting how myths and fact duel between perceptions of reality.
Davey B Gravey's Tiny Cinema
This cargo trailer has been converted into a four-seat cinema featuring short films and live music.
As you pass by the Globe theater, or on your way out, take a gander at the late, great Willy Wilson’s dragon, still going strong.
Forrest Theater at the Tiger Hotel
The Forrest's forest continues to grow ...
The Frozen Man
A future/past discovery.
Geological Forms
Local artists Ken Nichols and Katy Ross dug deep for their geode-inspired watercolors, adding a playful layer to the Geology Auditorium lobby.
The Globe
This venue celebrates communication in myriad ways.
The Great Wall
The Great Wall is a curated series of documentaries
Local artist Nabil El Jaouhari displays “Heritage”, which uses ‘the long now’ as a threshold to explore time as it relates to personal history, nostalgia and the gender binary using pattern and repeating motifs.
Juniper and Fyn
Artist Taylor Ross constructed an interactive mechanical sculpture.
The Knacks
As you enter the building that is the lungs of T/F, you’ll be embraced by “The Knacks,” an installation of over 20,000 feet of rope lovingly knitted by hand by local fiber artist Jessica Dekker and TF stalwart Tracy Greever-Rice (and their small army of knitters).
Don’t miss Bob Hartzell’s paper lamps high above the theater floor of the Blue Note.
Lee Elementary Geodes
Colorful geodes inside the Geology theater space.
This complex sculpture “light>l
Light Up Downtown
Darius Twin light painting downtown.
Oceanic Blue Note
With the help of Vimeo, sponsor of the Blue Note for TF 2014 (check out Glenn Rice’s incredible signage on the marquee outside), the Columbia landmark sinks underwater again ...
Party Art
At @ction, local mind-benders Gabe Meyer, Brian Doss, and Becca Sullinger constructed a menagerie of time travel. Dance your heart out as you explore their uncharted portals and doorways to who-knows-when.
Picturehouse Portrait Project
Inside the theater, Nathan Truesdell, Sam Spencer, Steve Rice, Rick Agran, Nick Michael, Chelsea Myers, and the MU Micro-Doc class bring back the larger-than-life video portraits of our fellow mid-Missourians.
Rose Music Hall
As you stomp your feet and shake your booty at the music showcases, check out more of Madeline Carl and Ben Bushman’s future fossils, interwoven with their gear-headed humanoids.
Local artists Jaynell Lardizabal and Kelsie Herron worked with the Art Team to bring us their giant tortoise skeleton, “Sia”..
Signage around the Fest
Glenn Rice, our resident sign czar, has done it again; his largest signs are more than informational: they're works of art.
Social Games
Photographs from a renowned Polish director, cinematographer, and photographer.
Yulia Pinkusevich’s “Stilted” returns.
Torus Worm
Local artist Britta Simpson has teamed up with St Louis artist Leland Drexler-Russell to create a massive inflatable.
The Tunnel
An APW Masterpiece.
A little know model of a forgotten relic.
Unweaving the Fabric Of/Over Time
Help reveal its secrets.
Web of Thoughts
Get caught in Kathrine Barnes’ string installation
Willy Wilson Theater
The Little Theater, renamed The Willy Wilson Theater in 2013, has been permanently transformed to honor Willy’s legacy; his most famous quote was lovingly painted on the cinder-block walls by family friend and T/F alum Jessie Starbuck, while local artist Michael Marcum has created an intricate maze of pipes and detritus, all found in Willy’s personal collection.