All That Is Real Is Possible
Artist: Alicia Eggert Location: Alley A
Book Report
Artists: Jeanne Finley and John Muse: Location: Great Wall
Bucky Balls
Artist: Mark Steck Locations: Picturehouse lawn, Cafe Berlin, Rose Music Hall
Camera Obscure
Artist: Duncan Bindbeutel Location: Picturehouse lawn
Camino Saudade
Be sure to grab a map from the box office for Duncan Bindbeutel's Camino Saudade. These maps will guide you to several waypoints around the fest. Each waypoint will reveal another piece of the puzzle that can be found on your map.
Carbon 60
Artist: Glenn Rice: Location: Jesse Hall
Cool White
Artist: Glenn Rice: Location: Alley A
Artist: Willy Wilson: Location: The Globe
Exposed to the Elements
Artist: Taylor Shaw Location: 9th Street (between Locust + Elm)
Forrest Trees
Artist: Michael Marcum Location: Forrest Theater
The Globe Lobby Art
Artist: The APW Location: The Globe
The Globe Stained Glass
Artists: various Location: The Globe Theater
The Knacks
Artists: Tracy Greever-Rice & Jessica Dekker Location: The Showtime Theater at the Blue Note
Life in Depth
Artist: Tracy Greever-Rice Location: Showtime Theater at the Blue Note
Memory Burn
Artist: Nabil El Jaouhari: Location:Forrest Theater
memory of a green world
Artist: Nicole Baker: Location: The Great Wall
Mineralogy 101
Artist: Carrie Elliot: Location: Alley A
Artist Gabrielle Parish / Neon Treehouse Location: Tonic etc
Picturehouse Portrait Project
Artists: various Location: Picturehouse
Quasi-Stellar Object + Diamond Heart
Artist: Glenn Rice: Location: Picturehouse Lobby
selections from Monuments to the Conquerors of Space
Artist: Brittany Nelson Location: Box Office (Sager Braudis Gallery)
Signs around the Fest
Artist: Glenn Rice Location: Various
Sitting History Archive Project
Artists: Dan and Luc Goldstein: Location: Rhynsburger Theater
The Space Created
Artist: Maggy Rhein Location: Rhynsburger Theater
Squaring the Circle
Artist: David Hutson Location: Missouri Theatre
Artist: Erika Adair Location: 9th Street
Through the Trees
Artists: Mollie + Zoe Hosmer-Dillard Location: the Box Office (Sager-Braudis Gallery)
Transmedia Arcade
Artist: Katie Jenkins Location: Columbia Art League
The Unfound Tapestries
Artist: Tracy Greever-Rice Location: The Globe
Waveforms and Wires
Artist: Madeline Carl Locations: Cafe Berlin, Rose Music Hall, and the Landmark Bank courtyard
Wild Seed: Mobile Field Museum & Apothecary
Artist: Emily Hemeyer Location: 9th Street (between Locust + Elm)
Artists: Jeff Stark, Todd Chandler Location: 9th Street (between Locust + Elm)