True/False Five Favorites Lists

Posted January 4, 2013

The tenth True/False Film Fest is now less than two months away. In preparation, we asked you about your favorite films from the first nine years of True/False. You can find the first collection of personalized lists below, featuring a wide variety of picks. If you still want to contribute, write us at and let us know your five favorites, along with a brief description of yourself and your favorite memory of the fest. You can find a complete list of films we’ve played here.

Leola Davis

27yr old California transplant. Baby tamer by day, punk rock hooligan by night. My interests include: YA novels, Music, fermented foods, and cats.

1) The Black Power Mixtape

2) Cat Dancers

3) Girls Rock!

4) Shut Up Little Man!

5) Man on Wire 

One of my favorite memories of True/False would have to be during the 2008 year when Mucca Pazza burst into the Friday night action party and played a set in the middle of the stage. That took the party to a whole new level. They are to this date one of my favorite bands to come and play T/F!

Cory McCarter

I work at Ragtag Cinema. I like sewing, flicks, bikes ‘n’ stuff.

In no particular order:

It Felt Like a Kiss

Doc Ellis and the LSD No No


Monkey Business

Waltz with Bashir

Memory: It’s a secret.

Chris Metzler

What I do: I’m a Missouri native transplanted to California.  I also happen to be a documentary filmmaker who likes to explore offbeat subjects and just plain “weird” issues of contemporary America, plus I enjoy swimming in salty bodies of water and all things made of paper.

I attended T/F both as a presenting filmmaker with my doc, Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea, and then came back to the festival later on as a ringleader and Q&A wrangler.

1) I Like Killing Flies

2) LSD A Go Go

3) Audience of One

4) Joy Division

5) Street Fight

Favorite memory of the Fest:  Long lasting friendships with fellow filmmakers and filmgoers of course tops the list, but heck that’s not a memory that’s an ongoing experience.  So my favorite memory is a tie.  The smell of Ragtag popcorn still stirs my nose.  But watching a great documentary with a brown bag lunch in a former livestock sale barn via the Reel Gone Round-up was a fun experience that can’t be topped.

Jamie Gonçalves

True/False Programming Asst., Gimme Truth and Great Wall.

1) Family Instinct

2) Running Stumbled

3) Waltz with Bashir

4) The Oath

5) Hula and Natan

Favorite memory: The first Q&A for Secret Screening Purple 2012 where the filmmakers dressed in disguises as to hide their ‘secret’ identities.

Sarah Haas

Film Festival Staff: True/False, Silverdocs, Citizen Jane, St. Louis International Film Festival.

1) The Interrupters

2) Last Train Home

3) No Impact Man

4) Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present

5) Waste Land

Phillip Overeem

I teach British literature and literacy seminar, as well as sponsor The Academy of Rock, the T/F Film Fest Youth Brigade, and KWPE 98.3 FM, as well as coach Science Olympiad at Hickman High School. I have taught for almost 30 years in order to finance my record collection.

In no particular order

:¡Vivan Las Antipodas!

The Black Power Mix Tape 1967-1975

Last Train Home

The Red Chapel

Blood Trail

Favorite memory of the Fest:Being part of the first T/F Hi Def Academy in 2012, a program T/F opened up for high school kids, and being interviewed with super-student Eli Byerly Duke by Voice of America (China) right after we walked out of AI WEI WEI: NEVER SORRY.

Annette Van

Annette teaches, sometimes successfully, at Central Methodist U.

1) Meaning of Robots

2) Disorder

3) Tie: The Interrupters and Gasland and Project Nim

4) The Invention of Dr. Nakamats

5) The Imposter

Favorite T/F Memory: Not a memory, but an activity . . . eavesdropping.

Nathan Truesdell

In no particular order:

Manda Bala

It Felt Like A Kiss

The Red Chapel

Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan: Supermasochist

Notes on the Other

Marty Nau

I completed MU undergrad in 2005, then graduated from MU med school in 2010. I’m now a psychiatry resident at NYU, interested in severe and persistent mental illness.

1) The King of Kong

2) I Think We’re Alone Now

3) Doc Ellis and the LSD No No

4) The Pruitt-Igoe Myth

5) We Live in Public

Favorite memory of the Fest: stumbling in at the last minute for King of Kong at the Forrest Theater via Q ticket, taking the last remaining seats in the dark, then when it’s time for the Q&A, realizing I was sitting next to Steve Wiebe the whole time.

Mimi Dolnick

I prefer documentaries that tell a story, as opposed to docs that are more abstract.  Some movies, docs or fiction, are visually beautiful, but I am bored if I cannot get into the story and characters.  I am a part time artist so this may be surprising.  I also have worked in social service for many years.

1)  Searching for Sugarman

2)  Project Nim

3)  Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

4)  Hula and Natan

5)  Only the Young

I have a lot of nice memories of True/False and loved the overall festive atmosphere.  Gimme Truth was super fun.

Jon Kelland

In chicago, of fargo, by way of minneapolis – pizza lover, doc enthusiast, unaccomplished filmmaker, youth worker, natural foods peddler [thanks, nick].

1) Secret Screening Purple

2) Disorder

3) Only the Young

4) Trash Out

5) Utopia in Four Movements

Favorite memory of the Fest: Not sure i’d say i have a favorite moment, just love the entirety of the fest: the buzz throughout town, talking to folks in various lines, the (almost universally) awesome energy of staff and volunteers, excitedly waiting for films to begin listening to (usually) great acts, and then having the opportunity to discuss the films with filmmakers and audience. special props to uprise/ragtag! It’s absurd how good this thing is.

Alfredo Mubarah

I had my first T/F experience this year.  I have been in T/F fever ever since!  I am passionate about arts and design, which landed me on my real estate career – I love architecture.  And I love different lifestyles.  So, it is no surprise that my number 1 film is The Queen of Versailles, a perfect combination of architecture (term loosely used here) and lifestyle (even more loosely here).

1) The Queen of Versailles

2) Undefeated

3) V/H/S

4) Me at the Zoo

5) Comic-Con Episode IV: a Fan’s Hope

Favorite memory of the Fest: I was so happy to be at the opening reception and then screening of Undefeated.  That was one of my favorite moments at 2012 True False.  I seriously am counting the days until the next one.

Emily Rosen

In no particular order:

It Felt Like A Kiss

War Against the Weak

Waking Sleeping Beauty

Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then

Searching For Sugar Man

Pam Norum Weagley

In no particular order:

My Mother’s Garden


Waking Sleeping Beuaty


Pressure Cooker

Barbie Reid

Big River Man

In the Shadow of the Moon



Searching for Sugarman

Kimberli Ahrens

Searching for Sugarman


How to Survive a Plague

Shut Up Little Man


Karen Kunkel Pasley

In no particular order:

Searching for Sugar Man

Those Who Remain

Vivan las Antipodas!

At the Edge of Russia

Last Train Home