T/F By Bike

Posted February 13, 2012

Bicycles are the easiest, healthiest, most fun, most life-affirming, and least-heinous way to get around True/False. To wit: the good people of PedNet Coalition have teamed up with the T/F to offer three tremendous bike-related services:

  1. Bike Valet at the Missouri Theatre on Saturday and Sunday: free, secure, covered parking for your wheels.
  2. Bike Spa: mini tune-ups for your bike (tires inflated, chain cleaned and lubed, frame washed) while you’re “taking in” a nonfiction film (also at the Missouri Theatre; small donation requested).
  3. Bike Share: PedNet, True/False, and Walt’s Bicycle Fitness and Wilderness Co. have joined forces to offer a free Bike Share on Saturday and Sunday. Register at the Missouri Theatre Bike Share station, choose a bike, and off you go! Henceforth, you’re set up to take a bike when you need one, and return it when you’re done at any of the four Bike Share stations: Blue Note, Missouri Theatre, Ragtag, Jesse Hall. (Be sure to read all the details at the True/False Travel Page.)
No, seriously: More details are on the True/False Travel Page.
[Sound of bike-bell being struck deliriously, over and over, rung out of sheer happiness]