T/F Box Office Sessions: Les Trois Coups

Posted October 4, 2012

The T/F Box Office has always been an essential hub for managing the hustle and bustle of the Fest. The 2012 edition, located in the old Pasta Factory, took things to a new level. The inviting brick building at the corner of Broadway and HittĀ gave us enough room to stretch our legs a bit. In addition to distributing passes, tickets, and merchandise, the building housed our Filmmaker’s lounge, and for the first time became a musical venue. A special corner nook featured performances from a wide variety of our indispensable buskers.

Photo by Eve Edelheit

Luckily, Corey Ransberg was kind enough to digitally capture some of these songs for us, and we want to share them with you here. The first video stars the French quartet Les Trois Coups, whose appearance at T/F was their very first in the States. The group’s mixture of street theater andĀ musette-inspired traditional chanson helped light up downtown Columbia all weekend long. Here they perform their song “Le Pause”.

Les Trois Coups also provided the soundtrack to our Day One video, created by Chelsea Myers and Paul Mossine.

You can listen to more from Les Trois Coups on the band’s MySpace page. Keep an eye out for more of the True/False Box Office Sessions coming soon.