Some Tasty Morsels

Posted February 2, 2009

The 2009 films will be announced tomorrow at 10 am, but for you faithful followers obsessively checking the web site for a morsel of news (or using Twitter to stay informed), we offer a sneak preview of the film program just leaked from the programming inner sanctum:

No Impact Man: Two city dwellers go cold turkey from civilization, weaning themselves off the power grid, agribusiness and other modern conveniences, while attracting a whirlwind of publicity and an army of naysayers.

Pressure Cooker: A charismatic firecracker of a teacher heats up some of the year’s most entertaining scenes in this warm and thoroughly enjoyable film about a Philadelphia high school culinary arts class.

Rough Aunties: A gutsy group of South African women help rescue abused children in this intimate masterpiece by 2009’s True Vision Award recipient.

Waltz with Bashir: This animated, mind-blowing doc–one of the year’s most celebrated films–is a former Israeli soldier’s attempt to make sense of a massacre of Palestinian civilians, 25 years later.

The Yes Men Fix the World: The Yes Men are the culture-jamming dynamic duo of our age. Their latest adventures include deflating Dow Chemical’s stock price a few billion dollars in a matter of minutes with a well-timed apology to the people of Bhopal, India.

Burma VJ: This spine-tingling thriller tracks a clandestine group of video activists as they use whatever means necessary to spotlight Burma’s brutal military junta. Read more about this year’s True Life Fund selection. 

Come back tomorrow at 10 am for the mostly comprehensive list of 2009 True/False films.