Rogue Element, Aren’t You the Blogger Guy?

Posted March 3, 2017


Illustration by Jacky Adelstein

Aren’t You the Blogger Guy?
Jonathan Casey

There’s been a sharp uptick in people asking me if they’re “on the record.” Last night in the T/F office someone was sharing an apparently juicy story and stopped to say, “Wait, aren’t you the blogger guy? Please tell me you aren’t going to write about this.” I told her that I’m not in gossip business, but the truth is I was heavily focused on the plate of Chinese food in front of me and hadn’t heard a word she’d said. I did overhear a couple of funny things at the late-night @CTION @TONIC! party afterward, like the angry bearded fellow in a Hawaiian shirt who told me, with no introduction, that his drink tasted like “a glass of yogurt with bubbles in it!” Toronto’s US Girls spun a groovy set to a dance-happy crowd under Gabriel Parish and company’s luminous decorations. If I can get used to having a lanyard around my neck, I think I’ll continue enjoying this.