Rogue Element, An Auspicious Beginning

Posted March 2, 2017


Illustration by Jacky Adelstein

An Auspicious Beginning
Jonathan Casey

I doubt this has anything to do with the Fest—or does it?—but two different strangers have told me that I look like the character “Jim” from the American version of The Office in the last 24 hours.  In the last 24 hours I’ve re-learned to roller skate among True/False folks at Empire Roller Rink and seen a man skate with such intensity that the wheels came off his roller skates.  He wasn’t wounded, but I was happy he wouldn’t be blasting past my wobbly wheels for awhile.  I recently left the opening night Jubilee at the Missouri Theatre, a packed affair of food, drink and live music.  The queue for Step’s post-Jubilee screening enjoyed a live jazz band and were flanked by the car-on-car-with-interior-projectors installation that truly must be seen to be appreciated.  An auspicious beginning all around, methinks.