‘Herman’s House’ on P.O.V. Until August 7

Posted July 11, 2013

Herman Wallace has spent over forty years in a six foot by nine foot cell. The former Black Panther has probably spent more time in solitary confinement than any other person in the U.S. Hearing about this heinous treatment, artist Jackie Sumell reached out to Herman and, through a series of letters and phone calls, helped him design the home of his dreams. This unusual collaboration is explored in-depth in the compelling and infuriating documentary Herman’s House (T/F 2012).

You can watch this film online for free until August 7 thanks to the PBS doc series P.O.V. Don’t forget to check out P.O.V. ‘s page for the film for additional links including info on solitary confinement in the U.S. and an interview with filmmaker Angad Bhalla.

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