Fest Digest #2: Opening Night

Posted March 1, 2013

The tenth True/False began in style at our opening night gala, The Jubilee, at the historic Missouri Theater. A crowd gathered in masquerade for libations and revelry before a screening of Sarah Polley’s new film Stories We Tell.

photo by Sarah Hoffman

photo by Sarah Hoffman

Before the film newly christened Oscar winner Malik Bendjelloul, director of Searching for Sugar Man (T/F 2012), took to the stage and introduced My Favorite Picture of You, a new short by 2012’s Oscar winner, Dan Lindsay.

photo by Scott Patrick Myers

True/False 2013 also launched on four other screens and at two concerts. The Blue Note opened with the shocking expose Dirty Wars, while at little Ragtag the Neither/Nor series with critic Eric Hynes continued with the underappreciated classic The Fall. The Blue Fugue’s “True/Folk” showcase was followed by an all experimental lineup at Cafe Berlin. Meantime in Alley A visiting artist Yulia Pinkusevich finished assembling her “Stilted” installation.

photo by Scott Patrick Myers

The conversation on our #truefalse hashtag still hasn’t slowed down. A few examples:

Finally saw THE FALL. A radical hymn to the potential of nonfiction. A film from the past that was the future. #truefalse cc: @eshynes
-Robert Greene @prewarcinema

I predict @dirtywars will be one of my fave docs of ’13. An amazing piece of investigative journalism that hits you in the gut. #truefalse
-Don Simpson @thatdonsimpson

One Oscar-winning @truefalse alum introduces film of another, as Bendjelloul sings #truefalse’s praises ahead of @dan_lindsay’s short.
-Pete Bland @xblandx

the last station, such a doozy to start out the fest, so effectively evoked how time is experienced by its chilean octogenarians. #truefalse
-lara k @conservadora

THE LAST STATION is a beautiful, perfectly tuned and powerfully moving Chilean film about the end of life. Amazing. #truefalse
-Robert Greene @prewarcinema

If I could start a school, it would be a school of mistakes. – Paul Rucker at Cafe Berlin #truefalse
-Jonas Weir @JonasWEIRD

A @ByDavidFrance sighting and hug in the first 15 minutes in town. CoMo maintains its magical status. #truefalse
-Alison Byrne Fields @abfdc

“The Stories We Tell” was incredible. Will be one of the best films this weekend, hands down. #truefalse
-Lizzie Johnson ?@lizziejohnsonnn

Very provocative”@JessHeartsMU: “Stories we tell” made me feel so many feelings. Which Is good I think. Glad to be fully “in” at #truefalse”
-Drew Elmore ?@DrewElmore1

For more pictures from opening night check out our photo page and POYi’s crowd-sourced gallery.

Get some sleep and we’ll see you tomorrow!