Eastward expansion brings Stephens into fold

Posted December 30, 2007

As many of you may already know, big changes are afoot this year with our venues. Stephens College has stepped up in a big way, and has thrown open the doors of its theaters to T/F. So in addition to our downtown venues, we will be projecting films at the beautiful Macklanburg Playhouse, the spacious Windsor Auditorium, and what will be a cozy living-room style space, Charters Auditorium.

What started this expansion craze was that our flagship venue, the 1,200 seat movie palace Missouri Theatre, is being refurbished in time for the summer symphony (and our 2009 season).

But the folks at Stephens have been so friendly it seems like the fest has found a long-term eastside home. Then of course, we are neck-deep in building the brand-new, two-screen theater, Ragtag Cinema out of an old Coca Cola factory on Hitt Street. Let’s all cross our fingers in unison that it will be open in February.