Posted June 21, 2012

In just nine months from now, on February 28, 2013, the tenth iteration of the True/False Film Fest will begin. Words cannot capture the gratitude we feel for the community, attendees, volunteers, and sponsors that have allowed our crazy dream to continue growing over the course of a decade. To celebrate we are launching DocuMemories: A True/False Retrospective at our sister theater, Ragtag Cinema. On the last Monday of each month between now and T/F 2013 we will be screening a film from a previous Fest that we feel repays another look. The screenings will be introduced by members of the True/False staff and feature a post film Skype chat with filmmakers and/or subjects.

DocuMemories will kick-off this Monday, June 25 at Ragtag Cinema’s 14th birthday party with a free screening of The King of Kong (T/F 2007).¬†Festivities begin at 5:30pm, with Sparky’s-ice-cream-Uprise-cookie-sandwiches, Schlafly beer, Golden Barrel wines, and Mountain Valley spring water for all. The film will follow at 6:30.

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters tells the timeless story of the struggle betwixt good and evil, carried forth on the stage of the most challenging classic arcade game of the early 80s, Donkey Kong. Two men compete to achieve an all-time world record as they guide Mario on the impossible task of rescuing the princess from a giant barrel wielding gorilla.

Our hero is the mild-mannered Steve Wiebe: devoted husband, father, science teacher, and video game savant.

Our villain is Billy Mitchell. It is probably best that he introduce himself.

Judging their contest is Walter Day, amateur folk musician and founder of Twin Galaxies, the self appointed record keepers of all video games.

The film also features a superb cast a supporting characters, men dedicated in body and soul to the lost golden age of the early 80s arcade.

Swing by Ragtag this Monday and bear witness to this epic struggle. Did we mention it’s free?