Criminal Justice Doc Series from KMOS and Ragtag Cinema

Posted August 8, 2013

KMOS-TV and Ragtag Cinema are partnering for a free series of recent documentaries examining criminal justice around the world. These screenings take place at Ragtag at 6pm on Thursdays in August and are free and open to the public. They begin tonight with Herman’s House (T/F 2012).

The films in the series are:

8/8: Herman’s House– An exploration of the relationship between Herman Wallace, who has spent more than forty years in solitary confinement in a 6-by-9-foot cell, and Jackie Sumell, a New Orleans-based artist who attempts to spread the word about his struggles.

8/15: Special Flight– A dramatic account of the plight of undocumented foreigners at the Frambois detention center in Geneva Switzerland, and of the wardens who struggle with the harsh realities of a strict deportation system.

8/22: The Law in These Parts– An examination of the system of military administration used by Israel since the Six Day War of 1967. Israeli judges and legal advisers paint a complex picture of the Middle East conflict.

8/29: Presumed Guilty– Imagine being picked up off the street, told you have commited a murder you know nothing about and then finding yourself sentenced to 20 years in jail. This happened to Tono Zuniga in Mexico City.