Getting Started

Online tickets reservations are now closed

If you already purchased a pass, click the "Enter Your Purchase Code" button at the top of the page. You'll need to enter the purchase code you were provided when you purchased your pass. If you've lost it, just send our friendly box office staff an email at [email protected] or give them a call at 573-442-TRUE (8783). If you haven't bought your pass yet, you can still get one online.

Reservation Time Table

Super Circle Feb 12 at 6pm
Silver Circle Feb 14 at 6pm
Lux Feb 16 at 6pm
Simple Feb 18 at 6pm

Making Your Reservations

After entering your purchase code, you're ready to get started picking the films you'd like to see. Super Circle, Silver Circle and Lux pass holders are able to select a film in each time slot. Simple pass holders can select a total of up to 10 films.

For each selection you make you have the option of reserving a ticket for a single pass holder, or if you've purchased multiple passes, you can choose to reserve tickets for multiple pass holders at the same time. You may want to attend some films together, but then split up at other times.

Reservation Passholder List In this case, someone has purchased 3 passes. They're able to make reservations for two of those passes now, but their simple pass will have to wait a couple more days. See a Film Together or Alone Brad has decided to see Secret Screening Orange, but Sara can still choose to see a different film during that same time slot.

"NRT" Films

When you make a reservation, we'll immediately check to make sure that the film is available and save your spot. However, especially in smaller venues, some films quickly go "NRT". When a film goes NRT it means that there are No Reserve Tickets remaining for that screening. Check out the Box Office page to learn more about ticket availability and how you can often still attend screenings that have gone NRT.

NRT Films These two screenings of "Low & Clear" and Secret Screening Lavender have gone NRT. Passholders can't reserve tickets to them, but they may be able to attend with the "Q" system.

Changing Your Mind

Sometimes it's difficult choosing the perfect set of films for your True/False experience. After you've submitted your initial ticket reservations, you have 24 hours to sign back in and make changes. You can sign in any number of times within that window. To make a change, you'll just need to re-enter your purchase code and select a different option. Once the 24 hour window has closed, you'll need to call the Box Office at 573-442-TRUE.

Viewing Your Schedule

Use our group scheduling app to view your schedule on your computer, tablet or phone. You can add your friends to your schedule, so it's easier to see when you can meet up at a screening.

Group Scheduling This schedule displays the reservations for six True/False passholders.

All Done

Once you've made your selections, you can choose to have a copy of your schedule emailed to up to five other people and you can also print a copy for yourself. Don't forget to pick up your tickets at the box office.

Box Office Hours

Passholder Pick-Up Only

Wednesday, Feb 28, Noon - 8pm

Pass Pick-Up and Ticket Sales

Mar 1 - 3, 9am - 10pm
Mar 4, 9am - 5pm

Post-Fest Merch Sales

March 5, 9am - 6pm