The True/False Film Fest exists to champion the best new nonfiction filmmaking. Our goal is to promote art, dialogue and deepen our community's understanding of each other and the world at large. We do not select films primarily for their topic, nor do we advocate for or against the subject matter of our films. Rather, we hope to present a program that, in totality, challenges viewers to think critically about both the content of the films and their own assumptions.  

True/False Film Fest and Ragtag Cinema are programs of the 501c3 not-for-profit organization, the Ragtag Film Society. Our mission: to champion independent film and media art and to serve film communities both locally and globally.  



True/False aims to be a a champion of sustainability. We view taking care of our mid-Missouri home as a responsibility; we strive to demonstrate care, concern, and appreciation for our natural living space as it is one of the most sublime places to find beauty and art.
Waste Diversion This year we are proud to say we (and you!) will have the opportunity to recycle at every film venue and event. Thanks to the City of Columbia’s Sustainability Office and Public Works, two recycling dumpsters -- featuring artwork by Gabe Meyer, Brian Doss, Becca Sullinger, and Mark Steck of the beloved local art crew Neon Treehouse -- were unveiled during T/F 2015, and have been permanently placed downtown. Fest-goers are encouraged to recycle all glass, aluminum, plastics labeled 1-7, cardboard, and paper products.
Repurposing Materials Our installations and materials management team are experts in repurposing supplies and materials. Our merchandise team has been hard at work creating a system to redistribute old fest T-shirts as fabulous scarves. Items from previous festivals can be found in the vintage section of the merchandise shop. Our team also keeps and reinstalls art pieces from previous years to integrate into new displays. 
Green Artistry We also pride ourselves on being a source of guidance for artists looking to add an element of environmental consciousness to their creations. The fest has long helped artists and creators on their quest to use found and recycled materials for their projects, and we connect individuals with businesses and organizations who can donate unwanted or surplus materials.