If there was one festival that I would recommend to anyone involved or interested in documentary filmmaking, it would be True/False. The whole town is alive with passionate debate about documentaries, the films they show are really well chosen and [they] were brilliant hosts.

James Marsh, director, Man On Wire, Project Nim

By far the most intelligent and enjoyable festival of film I have been to. The range of films showed a real imagination in programming, and the festival managed to attract an extraordinary range of top-class filmmaking from around the world. And all this happened in a tiny town in the middle of America which was completely involved in the festival -- and also gave fantastic parties. It's a brilliant idea for a festival, completely unique, and I loved it.

Adam Curtis, director, The Power of Nightmares, It Felt Like a Kiss

My love for True/False runs deep - from the smart programming, passionate audiences, inspired buskers, and fabulous venues.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist/director Laura Poitras, CITIZENFOUR

True/False is nirvana. When I went to True/False, I remembered what I sometimes forget: the unalloyed joy of making and watching docs.

Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney, Taxi to the Dark Side

Over the past few years, True/False has come to occupy an unshakable place in the hearts of many of us who make documentaries. Few festivals are guided by truer motives and none are organized by a team of people more deeply committed to documentaries.

Eugene Jarecki, director, Why We Fight

How often does anything truly live up to expectations? How common is it for our false hopes to be dashed by too much hype? What a wonder to experience a weekend that went so far beyond our imaginings. We were beyond dazzled by the expert organization, warm reception and friendly audiences. True/False reminded me what our film community actually feels like and why I love it so much.

Heidi Ewing, director, Detropia

Thank you for the most profound and rewarding experience of my professional life.

Pete Nicks, director, The Waiting Room

I love True/False for what it lacks: pretentiousness. That alone would make it my favorite film festival. So it's almost ironically ostentatious they also program the best documentaries of the year, host incredibly fun parties and attract perhaps the most welcoming, engaged and enthusiastic audiences of any festival in the U.S.

Oscar-winning director Dan Lindsay, Undefeated

The relaxed vibe, all the unique ideas, the lack of pretentiousness, the great food, the music, the people, the parties, the films of course, some of which left me reeling - it was "hyggeligt" as they say in Copenhagen (translated unappealingly as "cozy" but in Denmark a real compliment). I thought I was going to make a fiction, but now I better make another doc before I get too old so I can try to get back...

Sarah Gavron, co-director, Village at the Edge of the World

It was all a carefully orchestrated art piece (where) I was subtly guided through events that made me think about the spirit of DIY combined with the strength of a community, about absurdity, sheer randomness, the fight with doc purism and what is true and false...If a new documentary movement is to be born anywhere in the US, it's going to be inspired by True/False.

Michal Marczak, director

Something of a cinematic miracle of the American Midwest, the True/False Film Festival in Columbia, Missouri enjoys a steadily spreading cult status among filmmakers and critics.

Kevin B. Lee, Sight & Sound

The exemplary True/False festival...An advocate and a beacon for good filmmaking, period.

Nicolas Rapold, Film Comment

I LOVE True False! For filmmakers coming there it becomes almost surreal in a wonderful way - that there is this little utopian place - a whole town where people really, really love docs. A fantastic ambience - a wonderworld for film lovers. It's often an early stop in the life of a film on the festival circuit but should really be the last because it's extremely hard to beat.

Malik Bendjelloul, Oscar-winning director, Searching For Sugar Man

I have joined the apostles of T/F and spread the gospel far and wide. I’ve been to festivals all over the world, but T/F is special. The audiences are passionate and engaged. The films are brilliantly curated. But, more than anything, there’s an incredible sense of community. My only regret of the Oscars was that I couldn’t go to True/False.

Morgan Neville, Oscar-winning director, 20 Feet from Stardom

T/F is like a great documentary: thoughtful and intelligent without the pretension; full of love and joy without being sappy: driving, fun and energetic while maintaining a brilliant pace. And full of unexpected surprises at just the right moments. And like any great film, it gives a feeling of vitality and leaves you wanting more.

Ross Kauffman, Oscar-winning director, Born Into Brothels

True/False is all about loving movies in good company. Every screening is packed with people who are ready to laugh and to cry and to come out talking about what they've seen. And how many festivals do you get to attend where you actually want to see all the films? I got snowed in for an extra day and all I could think was: "this is great. I don't have to leave yet!

Rachel Boynton, director, Big Men

True/False feels handmade, curated. This is a warm, inviting festival... one-stop shopping for the most noteworthy nonfiction filmmaking happening in the world.

Tim Grierson, Paste Magazine

Compressing a heady mix of filmgoing and socializing into a long weekend, the event seems both intensely curatorial and casually eccentric.

Ben Kenigsberg, Time Out Chicago

What is IT anyway? I suppose IT is the intangible. To be surrounded by real story-tellers is definitely part of IT. And IT is community. IT is our voices as filmmakers being heard and shouted in the streets or cinemas or basement parties... IT is our second home but our first love... IT blurs the line that is already blurry from so much love, pain, passion and truth of the moving image... IT is True/False. IT is Columbia. IT is a celebration-explosion of LOVE and SWEAT and TEARS. And IT is why I want to make more films.

Jarred Alterman, co-director, Dear Valued Guests

The true love and passion to documentary cinema was inspiring...you’ve created something very rare and special, a combination between community and art with so much energy.

Ran Tal, director, The Garden of Eden

It is a great work of collective art, belief, hope, fun-and a reminder of what this filmmaking malarkey is all about...It was the ideal home for our film and couldn't have imagined a better launch in the States. It's about connecting with audiences and this happened in a really magical way.

Emma Davie, co-director, I Am Breathing

An atmosphere of communal enthusiasm that verges on the utopian. Such universal popularity as True/False presently enjoys must inevitably lead to talk of Jonestown Kool-Aid—but the fact of the festival’s fun should not overshadow that it is programmed with discernment.

Nick Pinkerton, ArtForum

Being part of the community that creates extraordinary places out of everyday Columbia is an experience I look forward to each year.

Adam Bickford, volunteer

T/F surpassed all hype and expectations -- amazing how you guys have managed to retain a genuine diy/punk rock vibe, and keep everything running smoothly with the utmost professionalism.

Nelson Walker, co-director, Summer Pasture

I never thought I was creative, or could be, until I had a conversation with Jason Tibbet and Elizabeth Mims, who directed Only The Young. I just feel like the whole experience of T/F was empowering for me.

Amy Boyd, 12th grade, Hi-Def Academy

The last fifteen minutes of The Island President moved me more than I have ever been while watching a movie. It made me aware of possibilities I wouldn't have known about otherwise, as did the whole festival's group of international directors, most of whom I got to talk to.

Eli Byerly-Duke,10th grade, Hi-Def Academy

TF represented what I wish life was like everyday. Docs, people who make them, people who love them, parades, drinking, beautiful women, no bed times, accordion-playing gorillas. True/False was not only the best festival I've ever been to, but one of the finest moments of my life.

Bill Ross, co-director, 45365

True/False was without question the best film festival experience I have had in recent memory. You have restored my faith in the cause. It was unforgettable, joyous and inspiring.

Dana O’Keefe, director Aaron Burr, pt. 2

I've jetted from Cannes to Sundance to Toronto, but my favorite film festival is just down the road in Columbia, Mo. In just nine years, True/False has become not only the premier documentary showcase in America but the most purely enjoyable film event in the world.

Joe Williams, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

A brilliant festival. You rounded up an exceptional program and lured a very fine group of people to hang out with. It was all low-key and unpretentious, which is how it ought to be.

Mark Achbar, co-director, The Corporation

My friends in SF couldn't believe I saw movies before they did (Lost Boys of Sudan, The Yes Men). That was a first. Even more important, of course, is that each film made an impact. I've even signed up to volunteer as a tutor for refugees because of Lost Boys.

Marisa Milanesa, festival-goer

Making any film is a loving, grueling and often lonely adventure... But it's experiences like being surrounded by hundreds of hungry film lovers in the grand, classic Missouri Theatre or sitting around a pizza till two in the morning with a group of fellow nutjobs who also put everything they had (and a little they didn't) on the line to tell a story they believed in, that makes it all worthwhile.

Matt Mahurin, director, I Like Killing Flies

What best defines True/False is the generosity and enthusiasm of the audience and their appetite for good films. I especially liked the theme of True/False which acknowledges the evolution and transitions taking place in documentary. The festival does not seek to define or restrict documentaries -- but rather celebrate them in all their form and finery.

Mark Lewis, director, Cane Toads

This is the smallest town, the biggest theater and the most raucous audience I've seen.

Ward Serrill, director, The Heart of the Game

A true cultural treasure for the city that brings creative people from around the globe to Columbia. Educationally, culturally, and as a source of entertainment, it is the brightest star on the bright cultural landscape of Columbia, Missouri.

Ann Mehr, Columbia-based teacher

It would be hard to find a college town with a more enthusiastic festival audience. Every film at True/False is presented personally by the filmmakers. Along with the quality of the programming, this is one of the reasons T/F is emerging as a destination festival.

Joel Heller, editor, Austin-based Docs That Inspire blog

Filmmakers have gotten the word that T/F is an important and truly communal experience -- so many films were here straight from Sundance.

AJ Schnack, director, Kurt Cobain About a Son

When a friend called and said, "You want to go to Missouri with me?" I was like, "Uh...I don't know...do I?" But who knew that such a cool, fun, artistic and intelligent place existed? I loved Columbia, I loved the festival, I fully intend on finding my way back there next year.

Maia Rossini, New York author

A filmmaker utopia! I am sad I've had to leave the Midwestern love behind.

Sarah Goodman, director, When We Were Boys

So much care went into the True/False Film Festival. Every detail was thoughtfully crafted and there was a camaraderie to the festival that really stood out to me -- people were comparing it to the early days of Telluride. This camaraderie fostered great conversations, many with filmmakers whose work I admired. It was quite an intimate experience.

Margaret Brown, director, Be Here to Love Me: A Film About Townes Van Zandt,The Order of Myths

The magical festival and T/F weekend will feed forever the desire to keep going in my quixotic film-creation-way-of-life.

Laura Bari, director, Antoine

I loved every minute of True/False -- the laidback and funky atmosphere, the eclectic films and filmmakers, the intelligent and genuine audiences, the energetic volunteers, and the imaginative freebies that I'm still enjoying many months afterwards. All I want to do now is make another film that gets me invited back.

Henry Singer, director of Falling Man

I have now returned to Denmark from what I would consider the best film festival ever.... I have to get back to True/False!

Pernille Rose Gronkjaer, director, The Monastery

Your festival was a revelation. Thank you from the bottom of my normally skeptical docmaker's dark heart for showing me that docs remain inspirational, fun and something people will go and watch in a theater.

Anna Broinowski, director, Forbidden Lies

Without a doubt True/False is my favorite film festival ever anywhere. The high quality of the films, the sold out shows -- screening after screening filled with an audience that is hungry for intelligent work, the high quality of musicians performing before each screening, and busking on the street. You kind of swear they put ecstasy in the town water or something.

Vanessa Renwick, director, Portrait #2: Trojan

We figured out that you are secretly brainwashing us, in preparation for your tenth anniversary whereupon you will send out the balloon signal and wherever your past attendees are, the chip will kick in and we will do whatever you have programmed us to.

Natalie Difford, Chicken & Egg

I love all of the quirks that make it really feel like a FESTIVAL rather than just a group of screenings -- the music and the involvement of the town and the photo booth at the secret party, and ... You have found a way to inject that spirit into the DNA of the entire festival, so that, it seemed like (everything) had the same spirit of quality and whimsy and just unpretentious appreciation of people and stories and life.

Marshall Curry, director, Racing Dreams

I cannot express how much fun, inspiration, astonishment and joy I experienced in Columbia. I can honestly say it was one of the most positively powerful and potent weeks I have had in a long time.

Carla MacKinnon, managing director, Branchage Film Festival

Definitely my best festival experience ever. Keep in mind that we Swedes are famous for not using big words.

Mikel Cee Karlsson, director, Greetings from the Woods

True/False has the energy and excitement that Telluride and TED had in their early days.

Peter Schneider, producer/star, Waking Sleeping Beauty

The more festivals I attend, the more my (already) intense love and appreciation of True/False grows. When people ask why I love it so much, I say 'because it's a festival, in the truest sense of the word. It's a celebration... of filmmaking, of music, of let's-get-togetherness. It's full of revelry, feasting, merrymaking, good conversation, provocation, significance and fun.

Eric Metzgar, director of Reporter, Chances of the World Changing

A real achievement -- and judging by the turn out at the films, one which the town embraced with open arms. It was an honour to be associated with T/F.

Kevin Macdonald, director, Touching the Void

Without concern for premiere status or awards, True/False allows attendees to truly focus on the art and craft of documentary filmmaking. A deeply democratic spirit prevails - there is a reason why filmmakers make the trek to Columbia, leave glowing after the experience, and keep coming back. For myself, I went to True/False as a first -time filmmaker, but returned home as part of a much wider community.

Aaron Schock, director, Circo

Thanks for inviting me to utopia. I was moved to tears on many occasions, no lie, and I honestly felt like my internal emotional barometer just got re-calibrated. The people and the place are brilliant. The details were sparkling. This whole thing is worth fighting for!

Robert Greene, director, Kati With An I

Three things that make True/False the best US documentary festival. First, the perfect number of films. Second, a collegial, egalitarian, non-competitive environment for all the filmmakers. Third, the most stylish hooded sweatshirt.

John Pierson, independent film guru

What sums up the festival was that unforgettable line from Big River Man: 'Now I have crossed over into the 4th dimension.' An overwhelming weekend -- filled with intensely passionate views and impeccable taste -- that left me in emotional shambles... and totally recharged.

Michael Palmieri, co-director, October Country

True/False is one of the smartest and most original festivals in the U.S. More curated than programmed, it reminds me of a young Rotterdam Film Festival.

Kirby Dick, director, This Film is Not Yet Rated

Just a damn gem. A little utopia. You have made something fantastic. It has a great spirit, inspired and eclectic programming, audiences that are super excited to see movies and an all star cast of out-of-town filmmakers.

Sam Green, director, The Weather Underground, Utopia In Four Movements

For all of us True/False was a real revelation: knowledgeable, appreciative audiences and an almost instant sense of community among the filmmakers.... The whole festival was marked by a thoughtful, hand-crafted feeling that cut right to the genuine.

Aaron Woolf, director, King Corn

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