"I love True/False for what it lacks: pretentiousness. That alone would make it my favorite film festival. So it's almost ironically ostentatious they also program the best documentaries of the year, host incredibly fun parties and attract perhaps the most welcoming, engaged and enthusiastic audiences of any festival in the U.S. "
-Oscar-winning director Dan Lindsay, Undefeated

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WE’RE STILL ACCEPTING PROPOSALS FOR ARTISTIC INTERPRETATIONS OF ‘THE LONG NOW’ As we round the bend into 2015, we’re still looking for proposals exploring our new theme,…
IF YOU SEE SPACE, OCCUPY IT: TALKING ‘CAIRO DRIVE’ WITH SHERIEF ELKATSHA Documenting something as nebulous as a revolution is a difficult challenge for a filmmaker. In Cairo
PLAYING THE ROLE OF YOURSELF: A CONVERSATION WITH BRANDY BURRE ABOUT ‘ACTRESS’ Brandy Burre scored a career breakthrough when she landed the part of political fixer Theresa D’Agostino on…
OUT OF THE WOODS: A CHAT WITH JESSICA ORECK OF ‘THE VANQUISHING OF THE WITCH BABA YAGA’ Jessica Oreck’s sublime, incisive cinema observes the tangled relationship between man and the rest of nature.…
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Fake It So Real (T/F 2011) by Robert Greene
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