The True/False Film Fest is open to all works of nonfiction cinema. We also encourage chimeric works that straddle the line between nonfiction and fiction. True/False's programming values formal inventiveness and craftsmanship; it gives no extra points to "important" messages or stories. True/False does not screen didactic work nor does it play documentaries best suited for the small screen.

True/False requires attendance by a filmmaker with every feature-length film in our program. In addition to a filmmaker stipend (via our Pay the Artist Initiative), we cover airfare and lodging.


Submissions for the 2017 fest open Tuesday August 16, 2016 with a final deadline of Tuesday November 8, 2016. Rates and deadlines:

Features are defined as 40 minutes and above, shorts as less than 40 minutes.

Early deadline: September 13 - features $30, shorts $20

Regular deadline: October 11 - features $45, shorts $25

Late deadline: November 8 - features $75, shorts $35



  • For prescreening: Online Screeners (Vimeo, et al), or DVD (ideally NTSC, region 1 or region free) 
  • For exhibition: DCP (if we love your film, we will find a way to screen it!)


More guidelines about submissions (waivers, premiere status, and our programming goals) can be found here. After you submit your application below, please give us a few of days to confirm receipt of your payment and your materials. We will email you a confirmation when your submission is in order. If you have any additional questions, please email Arin Liberman at

Vimeo is the preferred film submission format of the True/False Film Fest