2011 Shorts

The Barber of Birmingham
Dir. Gail Dolgin and Robin Fryday; 19 min.
James Armstrong was a foot soldier in the Civil Rights-era fight for voting rights. Forty-three years later, he was once again a witness to history. Plays before The Burger and the King.
Dir. Michelle Coomber; 12 min.
Bangladeshis adjust their lives according to what the tides bring in, whether fish or abandoned tankers. Plays in Landmarks & Monoliths.
Dir. Drea Cooper; 6 min.
Young Californians use the spate of foreclosures and local building features for something other than their intended purposes. Plays in Landmarks & Monoliths.
Destination Finale
Dir. Philip Widmann; 9 min.
A poignant travelogue, alternately humorous and tragic. Plays in Landmarks & Monoliths.
The Donut Shop
Dir. Alex Jablonski and Michael Totten; 2010; 5 min.
An evocative slice of nightlife, in which the fluorescent glow illuminates a surprising scene. Plays before Bobby Fischer Against the World.
Dir. Andrea Dorfman; 2010; 12 min.
Using colorful and playful animation, director Andrea Dorfman shares the story of meeting her love and her personal journey towards accepting her own flaws. Plays in Long Distance Dedication.
Goodbye Chicken, Farewell Goat
Dir. Julius Onah; 2010; 6 min.
After traveling all over the world, the filmmaker’s father returns to his Nigerian homeland to be laid to rest, prompting Onah to think about restlessness and happiness. Plays in Long Distance Dedication.
Guañape Sur
Dir. Janos Richter; 2010; 22 min.
In this visually stunning film, Peruvian workers travel to an island of birds, where they’ll harvest the rich soil for fertilizer. Plays in Long Distance Dedication.
The High Level Bridge
Dir. Trevor Anderson; 5 min.
A cheeky, visually creative look at a particularly enticing architectural landmark. Plays before Habana Muda.
How to Pick Berries
Dir. Elina Talvensaari; 2010; 19 min.
Thai workers travel far to pick cloudberries, much to the chagrin of some of the local Finnish berry pickers. Plays in Long Distance Dedication.
Il Capo
Dir. Yuri Ancarani; 15 min.
A choreographed, spooky portrait of a marble quarry, this film features the best use of a monolith and upward pan since Kubrick's 2001. Man, machines, nature come together in an elemental masterpiece. Plays in Landmarks & Monoliths.
Dir. Chase Whiteside and Erick Stoll; 2011; 10 min.
A taxidermist coolly goes about his business. Plays before At the Edge of Russia.
Dir. Davina Pardo; 16 min.
An elegiac short film about the reconstruction of a type of Japanese farmhouse and the two men who owned it together. Plays in Landmarks & Monoliths.
Miss Devine
Dir. The Rauch Brothers; 4 min.
A stern Sunday school teacher is recalled, through uproarious animation, with the help of StoryCorps. Plays before Habana Muda.
Mrs. Birk's Sunday Roast
Dir. Kyoko Miyake; 6 min.
A Japanese woman marries a British man and becomes an advocate and ambassador of British cuisine in her Japanese newspaper column. Plays in Long Distance Dedication.
Out of Love
Dir. Birgitte Stærmose ; 29 min.
A formally inventive Kosovar version of Days of Heaven in which we get inside the heads of some city kids, 10 years after the war. Plays before Hula & Natan.
Pig Country
Dir. Andreas Koefoed; 29 min.
A gorgeously made short in which farmer Jakob Vallø, a third-generation hog farmer, tries to keep the farm afloat. Plays before Family Instinct.
Robin Hood Gardens (Or Every Brutalist Structure For Itself)
Dir. Martin Ginestie; 17 min.
A wry and absurd film about a well-intentioned housing project in the UK slated for demolition. Plays in Landmarks & Monoliths.
Dir. Arthur Franck, Oskar Forsten; 12 min.
We follow delivery drivers during their rounds as they muse about their lives, all terrifically shot in grainy black and white. Plays before Subway Preacher.
Dir. Jonas Odell; 2010; 14 min.
This innovative animated documentary is about a plot to kidnap a Swedish politician in the 1970s, told by one of the people arrested. Plays in Long Distance Dedication.
Very Nice, Very Nice
Dir. Arthur Lipsett; 7 min.
An exploration of the world beneath the world that Zielinski also pursues—and minute for minute one of the most influential films of all time, a groundbreaking montage that rocked both Stanley Kubrick and George Lucas. Plays before Zielinski.