Boone Dawdle 2018 Concert: Tonina and SIFA.

We are excited to say that our Boone Dawdle 2018 concert features a pretty phenomenal lineup. This year, the future-soul stylings of SIFA and the genre-defying tunes of the transcendent Tonina, and her euphonic quartet, will grace the stage at Les Bourgeois Vineyards. Here’s a taste:


Plus! We have an extra special guest joining the merriment: Danny Paul Grody of San Francisco will join The Gospel of Eureka filmmakers and fellow composers Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher on stage for samplings of their intimate score just before we kick back to watch the film.



Posted July 20, 2018


Sunday, the last day of True/False 2018. A bittersweet day in which we celebrate and say goodbye to another year of nonfiction nirvana. There are still plenty of parties, plenty of films, and plenty of beer & waffles to be consumed, so don’t fret! Here’s what’s on the slate for Sunday, March 4, 2018:



9:00AM – 5:00PM

Individual tickets go on sale at 9AM at our Sager Braudis Box Office and will be on sale until 30 minutes before the screening! Non-passholders may purchase tickets to available films ($12 general admission, $10 student discount. Must present a valid student ID at time of purchase). To view the open films, head to Sunday’s schedule. Sunday Spree folks, today’s your day! Grab those extra tickets as you please and clock in for a full day of films.



 9:30am – 11:00am

Join our piquant Provocateurs at Rhynsburger Theatre, host Logan Hill, and some surprise guests for a variety show featuring provocations, music, and storytelling. Immediately following, the conversations continue in the Bingham Gallery (right across the hall) with a high tea.

Ticket required, Q’ing welcome.




12:00PM and 2:30PM

Bon vivant and raconteur Gabriel Williams leads rollicking tours of downtown art and curiosities, including many of True/False’s art installations. Start your tour at the Sager Braudis Box Office and make your way through the festival footprint.

Free and open to the public


Art Ramble with Gabe Wallace


Closing Night Reception


A common meal for all who attend The Price of Everything at Missouri Theatre. Catered for the 15th year in a row by the stalwarts at Addison’s—the drinks flow courtesy of our friends at Logboat, Public House, Rock Bridge breweries and St. James Winery. Ticket required; the film ticket includes the reception. PRESENTED BY ADDISON’S AMERICAN GRILL



TV Party


Exhausted from watching movies? Head to Willy Wilson at Ragtag for the perfect cure: once-a-year TV show that’s all about movies? Cheer on your friends and take a drink every time you see Viola or Meryl.

Free and open to the public, no ticket required.


Buskers Last Stand


With a tear and a beer (courtesy of Logboat, Public House, and Rock Bridge), the festival ends as the last air escapes the bellows of the accordion, trumpet, and megaphone. Link arms with your festival friends and join True/False’s own second line in the lobby of Missouri Theatre as we throw an instant wake at the Missouri Theatre for T/F 2018 following the Q&A after The Price Of Everything.

No ticket required; open to all passholders.


Buskers Last Waltz


Swing your partner round and round in the atrium of Jesse Hall following the Closing Night screening of Won’t You Be My Neighbor? The Mid-Missouri Traditional Dancers will promenade you down the line as beer—courtesy of our friends at Logboat, Public House, and Rock Bridge—and music flow, keeping the spirit of dance & T/F alive before it slumbers for another year. Live music will be provided by buskers; dancing shoes encouraged!

No ticket required; open to all passholders.

Hitt Rexx Sessions


Nestled inside Ragtag’s homebase, Hitt Records will open its stage to showcase world-renowned harpist Mary Lattimore along with electro-acoustic folk collective Nevada Greene for a calm culmination to a frenetic weekend.

Free; donations appreciated!



12:30 – 4AM

Come talk (free!) and eat waffles (not free!) at venerable breakfast joint Cafe Berlin, which for one night only will swing open its doors at 12:30am and stay cooking ’til the hungry hordes leave. Toasted’s sideshow is a free-wheeling talk show where Nicolas Rapold trades repartee with other critics for the Film Comment podcast. Slide your chair in to` find out the weekend’s standouts.

Free and open to the public.




Posted March 4, 2018

TRUE/FALSE 2018 Day 3

Saturday we hit our stride and get into the thick of the weekend. It’s a packed day and we challenge you to indulge as many events as possible while still making time for all those incredible films. Here’s what’s on the slate for Saturday, March 3, 2018:



9:00AM – 10:00PM

Individual tickets go on sale at 9AM at our Sager Braudis Box Office and will be on sale until 30 minutes before the screening! Non-passholders may purchase tickets to available films ($12 general admission, $10 student discount. Must present a valid student ID at time of purchase). To view the open films, head to Saturday’s schedule.




12:00PM and 2:30PM

Bon vivant and raconteur Gabriel Williams leads rollicking tours of downtown art and curiosities, including many of True/False’s art installations. Start your tour at the Sager Braudis Box Office and make your way through the festival footprint.

Free and open to the public




The festival panel is a tired tradition and T/F is doing its part to jettison them once and for all with our intimate Field Sessions. These close encounters between two (or three!) artists provide an unsurpassed intimacy that can’t be achieved in a multi-person panel. Each session is a deep dive into the ideas that shape nonfiction filmmaking in 2018.
All Field Sessions take place at the Little Chapel at the Picturehouse.


Rejoice – 1:00pm

With RaMell Ross and Leilah Weinraub

Over years of editing, both Leilah Weinraub (SHAKEDOWN) and RaMell Ross (Hale County This Morning, This Evening) found themselves migrating away from conventional cinematic languages. In this conversation they discuss how they are seeking to reshape documentary grammar and expand the way films view black bodies.


Reflect – 3:00pm

With Kim Hopkins, Erick Stoll and Chase Whiteside

Directors Kim Hopkins (Voices of the Sea), Erick Stoll and Chase Whiteside (América) spent significant time with their subjects, close-knit families in Cuba and Mexico, respectively. Join these three as they consider the many things they have in common, from their Spanish-language immersions to their experiences at True/False and Catapult Film Fund’s Rough Cut Retreat.



Courtyard Concert

4:00 – 7:00PM

Outdoor yet totally toasty; enjoy the soaring harmonies of The Big Sky and Sterling/Pale along with the roaring guitars of local freak-folk rockers The Adaptation. Located in the Landmark Bank Courtyard.

Free & open to the public.


Sanctuary Showcase

7:00 – 8:00PM

Find sanctuary in the sounds of Moroccan master guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Mahmoud Chouki and the Chicago experimental jazz duo Sun Speak. Located at the Calvary Episcopal Church.

Free & open to the public.


Berlin Saturday Night Showcase

Doors 7:00PM / Show 8:00PM – 12:30AM

Tonina, pinkcaravan!, and the New Creations Brass Band join 18andCounting and TheOnlyEnsemble on a jam-packed bill of jazz and soul and hip-hop and everything in between.

Free for Super/Silver, Lux, Busker Band, $5 general admission.



Rose Saturday Night After Party


Indie folk dynamo Esmé Patterson plugs in her electric guitar to rock Rose Music Hall with “non-genre” pop star Mobley and psychedelic folk enigma Skyway Man.

Free for Super/Silver, Lux, Busker Band, $5 general admission.






10:00PM – 12:00AM
America’s favorite documentary game show challenges the audience and a panel of esteemed contestants to determine truthiness. Local non-professional filmmakers attempt to fool seasoned directors by presenting their totally true or totally false two-minute docs. Hosted by Brian Babylon, a Chicago-born comic who is a frequent guest on NPR’s weekly news quiz show “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” The 2018 contestants/judges are Sierra Pettengill (“Graven Image”), Sandi Tan (Shirkers), and Chase Whiteside (América).
 Ticket required, Q’ing encouraged (most people get in from the Q!).

photo by Morgan Lieberman


11:59PM – 1:15AMComedian Brian Babylon records his first comedy album, and you are invited to be the studio audience! Directly after Gimme Truth!, settle in and prepare for a raucous good time.


Free to Super Circle, Silver Circle, and Lux passholders; $5 Gen Admission.



Our daily film bumpers feature a lavish diorama, set in motion to illustrate weather proverbs from many cultures. There’s a total of twenty eight proverbs featured over the four days. Identify five or more and send your guesses to [email protected] and you’ll be entered in a drawing to receive a True/False 2019 Lux Pass! Top three that guess the most correctly will get one of those swanky 2018 poster jigsaw puzzles that we’re all drooling over. Watch here.


Posted March 3, 2018

TRUE/FALSE 2018 Day 1

Thursday, the first official day of the True/False. We spend the morning putting the finishing touches on theaters and venues, and then kick things off with our fancy Jubilee. While most will have a packed schedule of films, here are some other festivities to enjoy on Thursday, March 1, 2018:



9:00AM – 10:00PM

Individual tickets go on sale at 9AM at our Sager Braudis Box Office and will be on sale until 30 minutes before the screening! Non-passholders may purchase tickets to available films ($12 general admission, $10 student discount. Must present a valid student ID at time of purchase). To view the open films, head to Thursday’s schedule.




5:00 – 6:45PM

A masquerade gala at the Missouri Theatre right before diving into the sweeping vistas of The Rider. Don your favorite Western wear, black tie, little black dress, or whatever makes you feel fashion-forward, and of course don’t forget your mask. Merriment spills out onto Ninth Street under the Fest’s palatial party pavilion, where you can sample culinary creations from bleu Events and Fresh Ideas. In the Theatre lobby, enjoy scrumptious bites prepared by the students of the Columbia Area Career Center.

Columbia Art League opens their gallery space, where you can see their latest exhibit: Indulge, which explores humanity’s relationship to food. Stop by the Pinckney Bend and Flor de Caña cocktail stations scattered throughout, each featuring a handcrafted libation (of vodka, gin, rum or whiskey) created by one of Columbia’s finest bartenders.

No Ticket Required. Open to Super Circle, Silver Circle, and Lux passholders.


Photo by Jarred Gastreich.






A convivial reception spotlighting each short film program with eponymous complimentary beverages. Attendees can ask questions one-on-one and indulge in the libations. A True/False programmer will be present at each Q(uench) & A(nswer) to introduce filmmakers and briefly facilitate discussion.

Open to ticketholders of the preceding screening as well as Super Circle and Silver Circle passholders. There are still tickets available to this shorts program. Tickets are available at the Box Office, free for passholders, $12 general admission. 




Doors 8:00PM / Show 9:00PM – 12:30AM

Quebec’s Ada Lea and Thanya Iyer along with Austin’s Lomelda compose an indie-rock showcase stocked with transcendent singing and stellar songwriting.

Free for Super Circle, Silver Circle, Lux, and Busker Band; $5 general admission.



[email protected]


Returning to Thursday night, this legendary party reimagines a downtown Columbia landmark. Artists transform the space into a whiskey-laced wonderland where you can dance the night away to the bass-heavy beats of Lavender Graves and suicideyear.

No ticket required; open to Super Circle, Silver Circle, and Lux passholders.





Our daily film bumpers feature a lavish setpiece, set in motion to illustrate weather proverbs from many cultures. There’s a total of twenty eight proverbs featured over the four days. Identify five or more and send your guesses to [email protected] and you’ll be entered in a drawing to receive a True/False 2019 Lux Pass! Top three that guess the most correctly will get one of those swanky 2018 poster jigsaw puzzles that we’re all drooling over. Watch here.





Posted March 1, 2018


True/False was borne out of a community, a group of dedicated folks who came together to produce a celebration showcasing the newest, boundary-pushing nonfiction cinema, while also emphasizing the spirit and hospitality of a small city in the middle of Missouri. Now that True/False is in its fifteenth year, its seen some amazing folks leave Columbia in pursuit of new adventures, shifting its role from home base to once-a-year adventure. Some return to celebrate with us, some return to showcase their talents, and some return to cure the nostalgia of a place and time. This year, a few dispersed former Columbians will record their journey to True/False and explore the (maybe nonexistent) difference between Home/Away.

This series is an exploration of the gray area that makes dichotomies fruitless, or at least shortsighted. The project, shot entirely on phones from four distinct perspectives, showcases the accessibility of filmmaking in the modern age. As digital technology evolves, and our global society grows smaller, yet seemingly more distant, defining where is home and away has never been more difficult. True/False Film Fest is at the center of that home/away to these individuals:
Tucker Morrison is a filmmaker and recent transplant to Los Angeles by way of Missouri. He spent seven years in Columbia making films with friends, volunteering for True/False and being a part of a community he still considers “home.”

Mollie & Zoe & Emily Hosmer-Dillard are three visual artists and sisters who grew up in Columbia, Missouri and have given a great deal of their time to True/False. The Hosmer-Dillards have created art pieces for the past FIVE years of the Fest. Now living in three different parts of the country (Oregon, New York, and Chicago), the Hosmer-Dillards return with their hand crafted hoard of paper cicadas that swarm the Picturehouse Lobby
Lavender Graves a musician from  Lavender Graves injects gritty hip hop with whirlwind breakbeats and thunderous basslines.
Posted February 28, 2018


True/False presents the third year of Provocations: a curated selection of incendiary thinkers. These whip-smart presenters will appear before feature films, injecting a mini “ideas-fest” into True/False, offering challenging ideas in five-minute blasts. These five individuals stand ready to rearrange worldviews with the power of their words.

Aja Romano: Drawing upon her background in fandom, Aja writes about internet culture for Vox. Her reporting provides insights into geek culture from fanfiction enclaves to the dark recesses of Reddit.

Danny Giles: Originally hailing from Columbia, Danny is now based in Chicago where he works as an interdisciplinary artist and educator. His performances at distinguished museums and galleries question the power dynamics of systems.

Miko Revereza: Since relocating from Manila as a child, Miko has lived undocumented in the United States for almost 25 years. His films and writing grapple with his long-­term problems with documentation and the exclusion it imposes.

Nicole He: Nicole uses technology to make art about technology. She playfully transforms both digital mediums and physical objects to explore the relationship between humans and computers with interactivity and humor.

Paul Bloom: A prominent psychologist, Paul’s latest book is Against Empathy: The Case for Rational Compassion. His groundbreaking work convincingly makes counterintuitive arguments about morality, religion, art, and how we understand the world.





On the Sunday morning of the Fest, the five piquant Provocateurs, along with some special guests, will gather to present their provocations at the Chautauqua, an event named after the adult education movement popular in the 19th and 20th century. Like early Chautauquas, True/False’s event comes complete with music and storytelling. It will be held at Rhynsburger Theatre and tickets are required for this event. 

Posted February 2, 2018


At this year’s True/False, the Fest collaborates with writer and programmer Ashley Clark on a celebration of the Black Audio Film Collective. This retrospective is a part of the festival’s Neither/Nor sidebar, a celebration of groundbreaking film movements that have evolved the discourse surrounding nonfiction cinema. This year’s Neither/Nor program is again presented with the generous support of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.



Formed in 1982, the Collective consisted of seven multidisciplinary and multimedia artists who came together at university and proceeded to collaborate throughout the 1980s and 1990s. With backgrounds in fields such as psychology, sociology and fine art, the Collective approached cinema in a way that was intellectually rigorous, inventive and expressive. Their breakthrough work, 1986’s Handsworth Songs, considered the complex causes and simplistic depictions of civil unrest in Birmingham and London. It aired on Channel 4 and sparked a debate in The Guardian between Salman Rushdie and Stuart Hall, the latter praising the film for its original techniques and for “making us look in new ways.” Later that year, the film received the British Film Institute’s prestigious Grierson Award for Best Documentary.


In later works, the Collective explored a vast array of topics, including post-colonialism, Afrofuturism, movement building and migration. As Clark writes, the Collective — namely John Akomfrah, Lina Gopaul, Reece Auguiste, Edward George, Avril Johnson, Trevor Mathison, and Claire Joseph, who was replaced in 1985 by David Lawson — embarked on “a relentless quest to harness the African diaspora’s kaleidoscopic thought-power to combat white supremacy as a historical, economic and conceptual form of oppression.”


Who Needs a Heart?


During the festival, Clark is presenting four films from the collective’s catalogue: Handsworth Songs, Testament, Twilight City and Who Needs a Heart. These screenings, which begin on February 28 at the Ragtag Cinema and continue throughout the weekend, will be followed by discussions with Black Audio Film Collective members and collaborators, including Reece Auguiste, as well as sound artists Trevor Mathison and Gary Stewart. The full lineup will be announced in mid-February. Additionally, the festival is publishing a monograph featuring new essays by Clark, as well as interviews he’s conducted with Black Audio Film Collective members and associates. This monograph will be available for free at various venues in downtown Columbia and will later be published online.

“We’re beyond thrilled to be working with Ashley, whose brilliant and vibrant monograph draws unsettling parallels between Great Britain circa 1981 and today,” True/False programmer Chris Boeckmann says. “By and large, contemporary nonfiction filmmaking has yet to pursue the exhilarating creative possibilities opened up by the Black Audio Film Collective. We look forward to celebrating and discussing their generous, stimulating work.”


Clark is the senior programmer of cinema at BAM in Brooklyn, a position he has occupied since August 2017. He was the programmer of Black Star (BFI Southbank, Oct-Dec 2016; TIFF, Nov-Dec 2017), a major film season dedicated to exploring the range, versatility and power of black actors, and co-programmer of Making Faces on Film: a Collaboration with BFI Black Star (Museum of Modern Art, April 2017), a complementary New York edition. As a journalist, Clark has written extensively on film and culture for The Guardian, Sight & Sound, Reverse Shot, Village Voice and Film Comment; and his first book is Facing Blackness: Media and Minstrelsy in Spike Lee’s Bamboozled (The Critical Press, 2015). Ashley is also a broadcast journalist, and moderator.


This is the fifth edition of Neither/Nor, a program dedicated to scholarship and programming of vital movements that shift the boundaries of documentary filmmaking. Earlier editions have explored the legacy of the controversial Mondo film industry and the inspiring work of artists who found creative ways to defy censorship in communist Poland. Head here to read past Neither/Nor monographs.

Posted February 1, 2018

Announcing True Life Fund Film & The Alethea Project

On Wednesday, January 17th at 9:00AM CST we’ll announce the 2018 True Life Fund film and recipient.  We invite members of the press & community to join us for a brief press conference held at The Crossing to discuss the film, the fund, and a new True/False endeavor: The Alethea Project.

The Alethea Project is a 10-week traveling documentary screening series that will take place in large evangelical churches around the Midwest and West. The series will begin in the Fall of 2018 when representatives from True/False and The Crossing visit churches and screen recent nonfiction films with topics that invite robust post-screening discussions among filmmakers, a moderator, and a representative from the church. Film topics will include race in America, climate change, refugees and immigration, healthcare and health crises, the death penalty, guns control, sexuality and gender. 

In 2009, The Crossing joined the True/False Film Fest in presenting the True Life Fund: a crowd-sourced award to honor the subject(s) of a single documentary and thank them for sharing their story. Described in depth by Christianity Today and the New York Times, the True Life Fund allowed these surprising partners to find common values and build a framework of trust and cooperation that benefit both.

The Alethea Project is funded in part by the Bertha Foundation and Impact Partners and is currently seeking additional funders.



The press conference will be held by True/False co-director David Wilson and Crossing co-pastor Dave Cover. They will discuss the project, partnership, show a clip from the True Life Fund film, and answer questions. The event will also be streamed live on The Crossing’s Facebook page. Both organizations invite those unable to attend to watch online and ask questions via Facebook (@TheCrossingCoMo) or Twitter (@truefalse).

The press conference will take place in room 227 at The Crossing. The Crossing is located at 3615 Southland Drive, Columbia, Missouri 65203. To access room 227 please park in the main lot and enter through the south facing doors. Follow signs to room 227.


For more information about the True Life Fund, visit
For more information about the Alethea Project, visit

Posted January 12, 2018

True/False Community Screening: Voyeur

True/False is pleased to announce an off-season screening of the twisty-turny Voyeur, featuring legendary journalist Gay Talese, who  investigates a Colorado motel owner who spied on his guests for decades.

Missouri Theatre, Wednesday, October 18. Doors at 6:30PM, film at 7:00PM.
Come early, we’ll have some exuberant buskers to greet you at the theater.

And be sure to stick around after the film, directors Josh Koury & Myles Kane will be joining us for a Q&A. Kane and Koury were on hand to record some wild encounters between the veteran New York journalist and his enigmatic subject.

This screening is FREE and open to the public and presented in collaboration with the Jonathan B. Murray Center for Documentary Journalism at the Mizzou School of Journalism with many thanks to Netflix.

2018 True/False Super & Silver Passholders are invited to join us for a pre-film reception with the filmmakers from 5:30-6:30PM at Columbia Art League.

Posted September 7, 2017


As True/False grows, so does our creative fervor and our ambition for the new. Lately, we’ve drawn increased inspiration from other forms of storytelling, and in 2016 we’ll unveil the Good Wizard arcade. This home of T/F transmedia will be styled after a classic 80s arcade, but filled with virtual reality and participatory installations intent on building a new narrative language for these emerging forms.

As we explore forms of storytelling that are ‘Off the Trail’, we’ve concocted a true transmedia happening. It’s part immersive theater, part live-action video game, part puzzle room. More than anything, this event transforms typical storytelling and challenges you to take an active role in the narrative.

In collaboration with Greenhouse Theatre Project and The Neon Treehouse Art Collective, True/False is thrilled to announce LOST LETTERS.

LOST LETTERS is an hour-long performance, to be experienced in groups of up to 10 people. With your party of other adventurous fest-goers, you will be challenged to work your way through a narrative in 60 minutes or less. Actors and clues of many varieties will guide your way, but completing the experience will rely on creative thinking and teamwork.

Because of the intimate nature of the performance, reservations for LOST LETTERS are ultra-limited. Tickets for a single session will be $38 for all passholders and non-passholders alike. Once you’ve purchased a ticket, you’ll be able to reserve a time slot to attend for a specific hour. Lost Letters will run 8 times per day on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of True/False (March 4 – 6). Time slots may be selected starting Feb 15, following the announcement of the film schedule. As this is a team event, you are welcome to sign up with friends (up to 10 people), or you will work as a team with others who have chosen the same time.

Lost Letters ticket details here.

For additional questions, email: [email protected]
Posted December 14, 2015
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