Quest - True/False Film Fest


This epic labor of love vividly spotlights one Philadelphia family’s highs and lows over the course of a decade. True Life Fund Film (Presented by The Crossing)
Director: Jonathan Olshefski
Runtime: 1:45
In-person: dir. Jonathan Olshefski, and stars Christopher “Quest,” Christine’a “Ma Quest,” and PJ Rainey
Fest Year: 2017
Epic in scope but finely etched in its details, Quest introduces an American family unique in cinema history. First-time director Jonathan Olshefski spent a decade following Christopher “Quest” Rainey and Christine’a, aka “Ma Quest,” who run a basement recording studio in their tight-knit North Philadelphia neighborhood. Olshefski originally set out to capture this unusual community project but was present as the Raineys’ endearing daughter, PJ, gradually came of age. Breathtakingly intimate, tenderly assembled, and rich with the drama of life, Quest sets a new bar for the labor-of-love film. Framed by presidential elections, it also serves as a bittersweet elegy for the Obama era in all its frustrated promise.(PS) Presented by The Crossing