Director(s): Lee Hirsch

Fest Year: 2012

Series: True Life Fund

Runtime: 1:39

In Person: director Lee Hirsch and subjects

Alex returns to seventh grade knowing that once again he will be punched, choked, and called names, with every school-bus ride a terrifying test of endurance. School officials turn a blind eye to the bullying that 16-year-old Kelby suffers every day—even after she’s deliberately struck by a car. For Ty Field-Smalley, who killed himself when he was just 11 years old, constant bullying was something he couldn’t cope with. Filmmaker Lee Hirsch makes the bullying epidemic in American schools intensely personal, demonstrating how, for kids like Alex and Kelby, mere survival can be a daily battle. The experiences of these kids will stay with you long after the film is over. Unsettling and deeply felt, Bully is essential viewing for parents, kids, and anyone who cares about the safety of American students. Presented by The Crossing (IK)