Thank You to Everyone Who Voted for T/F Education

Thank you all so much for voting, sharing, and helping us these last few weeks in the Neighborhood Assist contest! Our True/False education program hinges on volunteers and rally-rousers like you. We’re continually floored by our community’s support– and it’s because YOU are what makes up True/False. Though we didn’t win this grant, we’ll be … Continued

A Message from Adi Rukun

In 2015, it was our privilege to say thank you to Adi Rukun of The Look of Silence with our True Life Fund. Adi courageously confronted his brother’s still powerful killers and broke nearly 50 years of silence surrounding Indonesia’s mass killings of 1965-66. Thanks to the unfathomable generosity of our community, and our partners The Bertha … Continued

The True Life Fund Raises $35,000 for Adi Rukun!

We are thrilled to announce that have met our goal and raised $35,000 for Adi Rukun of The Look of Silence with the 2015 True Life Fund. Adi will be using this money to open a brick-and-mortar optometry business in his new community. This is incredible news. Thank you to everyone who donated and made this … Continued

Explore Chimeric Cinema and the Complete Neither/Nor Series

In 2013, True/False began Neither/Nor, an open-ended project to map a history of what we call “chimeric cinema”. Chimeras are films which enthusiastically embrace the paradox at the heart of all cinema, the medium’s capacity to document authentic slivers of the reality it necessarily manipulates, distorts and enhances. Film culture generally appears uncomfortable with this … Continued

‘The Look of Silence’ Impact in Indonesia

This is the final week for the 2015 True Life Fund benefiting Adi Rukun of The Look of Silence. Yesterday morning we announced our goal of raising a total of $35,000 to help Adi open a brick-and-mortar optometry shop in his new community. As of this morning we raised an additional $2,425, bringing the total … Continued