But beyond the rules, the following offers you loads of tips on how to navigate the festival – especially if it's your first year. 

Local fest-goers are also invited to attend an in-person HOW-TO-FEST session  hosted by the Daniel Boone Regional Library, and presented by 102.3 BXR and KFRU. 

Date: Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

Time: 10:30AM - 12:00PM

Location: the Friends Room of the Columbia Public Library

Fest staffers will present information about the 2018 fest, and will be available for all your questions.  

1. The best way to enjoy the fest: A Pass 

(You should get one as soon as possible - they sell quickly.)

But there's no one-size-fits all. Which is right for you?

Super and Silver Circles are the high dollar passes - these folks help support the fest in the long run! As such, they have the most convenience and flexibility in navigating the fest. The Lux level is a sweet spot for those who want special event access, and who want to lock in their screening schedule. If you are proactive and reserve tickets as soon as the reservation window opens, you'll have a lot of flexibility. The Simple pass is a fantastic deal for those who are flexible and don't much care about special events. As our sole "Films Only" pass, it's more affordable than the upper levels. It does require making ticket reservations ASAP, and you should expect to see broad ticket availability for screenings in the largest venues (Jesse, Missouri Theatre, and Showtime @ Blue Note). Even though you can't reserve tickets to Thursday films with a Simple pass, you CAN Q, and you CAN get box office tickets (for yourself, for no extra charge) to Thursday screenings.

Keep in mind that for all of the above pass levels, what you reserve before the fest does NOT lock you in to a plan DURING the festival (if you don't want it to)! You can always change your mind about the tickets you have, use the Q for any other screenings, and/or get tickets at the box office (as available) for zero extra $$. 

If you just can't sit through 10+ films in a few short days, we hear you. It's a commitment! So we have a few non-pass options too. 

The Gateway packet gets you 3 tickets before the box office opens to the public. Easy peasy! The list of films available to Gateway is published at the same time that the packet goes on sale, but you should expect to see screenings in the largest venues on this list too. 

The BRAND NEW Sunday Spree is a wristband that lets you go full steam for just one day. When other passholders are winding down, you can take Sunday by storm. Reserve one ticket, get Sunday tix @ the box office, and Q for free for anything on Sunday!

The Busker Band is for access to our busker concerts. Make it a combo with one of the other passes, or heck, just go see some awesome bands. That's fine by us too. 

If all of the above is too much, no worries. This is a robust festival. You've got LOTS of last minute options for getting a taste of T/F without the commitment. (*=FREE!)

-Buy tickets from the Box Office (starting at 9am on Thursday of the fest, in person sales only!) consult the schedule grid to see which screenings have tickets available before you head over. $12/ea

-Q for anything! ($14 @ the door)

-the March March*

-the Field Sessions* at the Little Chapel @ the Picturehouse

-the T/F VR Arcade*

-the Neither/Nor critic series* festival sidebar (you’ll need to use the Q, but admission is free!)

-the Landmark Fired Up showcases*

-the Art Ramble*

Toasted* at Cafe Berlin

Have any questions? Call our friendly box office staff at 573.442.TRUE (8783) and they’ll be happy to help.

(above hyperlinks may not have new content yet - but check our archive for info from past fests!)

2. The other best way to enjoy the fest: Volunteer!

You can also volunteer to help make the Fest come together. Volunteers help out in all areas of the festival, from venue operations, selling merchandise and tickets at the box office, to tech ops and other skilled labor! Volunteers get a t-shirt, can Q for free, and receive other select benefits! Find out more and sign up here.

3. The other working way to enjoy the fest: Press coverage

If you are a journalist and are coming to cover the festival, you should contact our press coordinator. The sooner you let us know you want to come, the better we can help with any possible arrangements.

4. Where to stay?

Coming in from out of town? Book accommodations now, as rooms fill quickly. See our lodging list and go from there.

5. Stay in the Loop 

Check the T/F homepage regularly for news updates, hype, and exclusive video. Join our Facebook page or join our mailing list. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

T/F has been happening since 2004 and boasts a collection of antique web pages. Check them out in the archive, see what films we’ve screened before, and waste a little time getting yourself jazzed for this year’s fest. It’s going to be a good one.