Due to COVID-19, Jumpstarters and Saturday Symposium will not take place during T/F 2021. We look forward to gathering together and celebrating the best in nonfiction film, art, and music in 2022.


For years, True/False has welcomed groups of young people – independent filmmakers, artists, college students, un-classfiables, and more. As these contingents have grown, the Fest has sprouted programming opportunities to connect, learn from one another and the larger T/F ecosystem, and the energy, promise, and dedication they bring. This program makes the Fest more accessible and aims to build community among otherwise disparate groups who flock to T/F. We believe it is vital to foster the nonfiction landscape of tomorrow – whether you’re a maker, appreciator, teacher, writer, journalist, programmer, all of the above, or a don’t-know-what-yet. Creative nonfiction must be more diverse and inclusive, and this is one way we are seeking to lower barriers and build community. Questions? Contact Director of Community Partnerships & Education, Faramola Shonekan.


The Saturday Symposium is for Jumpstarters to engage with festival guests (filmmakers, editors, animators, and more) as well as each other. The 2020 Symposium began with a conversation between a filmmaker and distributor aimed at “demystifying distribution”. Afterwards, students participated in small-group breakout sessions with T/F filmmakers.


We’re happy to work with students and educators to reserve a set of group tickets to a Fest film. The educational ticket buy is great for teachers who would like to attend a particular film with a class, or clubs and organizations who want to see a film as a group. Tickets are limited.

Interested groups can access our educational ticket request form soon after the film schedule is announced.


T/F is happy to come to you or join the class via video chat! If you want someone to come in and talk to your class or club about the Fest, how to get tickets, or this year’s films, we’ve got a whole team of volunteers ready to visit!


Of course, you can volunteer! There are plenty of teams that need enthusiastic, committed, responsible volunteers. See how to volunteer or email [email protected] to learn more.