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Want to work for the Fest? The True/False Film Fest is dedicated to equal opportunity employment without regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, veteran or disabled status, or any other basis protected by local, state or federal law.

About the Fest:

True/False exists in a permeable, in-between land - bounded by fiction and nonfiction, but also bridging cultures and disciplines. Within that space, we encourage an atmosphere of innovation and excitement, free of the heat and stress of the market. Here’s where a revolutionary new alloy can be forged, the future of an urgent art. Far from the mountains, oceans, media machines or other perks that usually mark a festival destination, Columbia is a friendly college town of over 100,000 people. The festival was started locally, and it is now a grassroots phenomenon, and “filmmaker utopia”, selling 45,000 tickets and supported by 1,000 volunteers. More than anything, we take pride in creating a joyful, festival atmosphere that simultaneously takes the movies very seriously.

We seek out the most creative, energetic people and give them the tools to transform the downtown core of Columbia, both indoors and out. When the festival remakes ordinary spaces into magical, temporary spots, it inspires attendees and townies. T/F showcases downtown Columbia and its potential. In addition to the opportunity to be an influential part of one of the most exciting cultural events in the Midwest, festival positions offer a high degree of autonomy and flexibility in scheduling. You’ll be working with some of the most talented, creative individuals in mid-Missouri, the True/False Core Staff, a crack squad of folks who work year-round to pull off one of the most vibrant cultural events in the Midwest. We offer a laid-back but professional culture, where all ideas are welcome, and creativity and entrepreneurship are valued and rewarded.

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Film Programmer

Location: Columbia, Missouri, USA

The mission of True/False Film Fest is to forge a supportive, celebratory refuge for filmmakers and amplify the possibilities of nonfiction films. We champion intentionality of form in nonfiction filmmaking, open-mindedness about filmic approaches, cinema that rigorously, sensitively and imaginatively engages the real world. Our flagship event is a film festival that transforms downtown Columbia, Missouri each March with screenings, events and parties, live music, site-sympathetic art installations and our March March parade. The programming team at True/False looks at film curating holistically – collaborating across the fest to produce a variety of film-adjacent events.

We seek a programmer who embraces this wide-ranging approach along with the True/False programming values, aesthetic, and mission. We are a small, excitable group of curators eager to help shape nonfiction filmmaking possibilities.  

Position Overview

The Film Programmer will work closely with the three other programmers as well as other core team members. Primary responsibilities include: curating festival films, coordinating film-related events, cultivating film world relationships, and engaging local communities.

We strongly encourage emerging curators and programmers to apply.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Watch new nonfiction films and weigh in with clear written reviews

  • Work with the programming team to select the True/False film lineup

  • Facilitate post-screening discussions with the general public

  • Correspond with sales agents, distributors, and filmmakers

  • Write and edit film-related program content

  • Organize Field Sessions (intimate one-on-one filmmaker conversations) during the festival

  • Collaborate with the hospitality and print traffic teams on guest/film logistics

  • Travel to festivals to scout new films

  • Write film submission notification letters

Qualifications and skills:

  • A track record of nonfiction film curation is preferred

  • A critical perspective on nonfiction filmmaking

  • Confident, passionate, empathetic, and articulate

  • Strong interpersonal skills including excellent writing and timely communication

  • Self-driven, with a high attention to detail and persistent follow-through

  • Ability to work with a variety of team members

  • Ardent curiosity and an enthusiasm for research

  • Desire to be part of a cultural organization that has a positive impact on the wider world of documentary filmmaking and local communities


Compensation is based on experience and time commitment, with a salary range of $12,000-$18,000; and offered on an independent contractor basis. The ideal candidate would be available for six months per year, with an on-the-ground commitment in Columbia, Missouri between autumn and March 15.


To Apply:

Please submit a cover letter telling us why you should be our new programmer, along with a resume and three references. Additionally, we require at least one writing sample that spotlights your critical perspective on nonfiction film, at least 500 words. Send all materials to Chris Boeckmann, Senior Programmer: programmer@truefalse.org. Inquiries will be accepted until May 15, but a hiring decision may be made before that date.


Gearing up for its 16th edition, February 28 - March 3, 2019, True/False has attained a unique status in the documentary world. Far from the mountains, oceans, and corporate machinery that usually mark a festival destination, Columbia is a friendly college town of over 100,000 people. The festival was started locally and is now a grassroots phenomenon, selling 50,000 tickets and supported by 1,000 volunteers. Marked by a small-town fervor usually reserved for college football, True/False instead celebrates films that fall outside of mainstream fare. More than anything, we take pride in creating a joyful, rambunctious festival atmosphere that simultaneously takes its movies very seriously. Here are some nice things people say about us. True/False, along with its sister project Ragtag Cinema, is a program of the Ragtag Film Society, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit.




As the festival grows, so necessarily does the staff-power, volunteer-power, and lately, intern-power it takes to pull this off! We need dedicated individuals willing to work and learn simultaneously towards the shared goal of realizing this special event. To apply for any True/False internships, please send a resume and cover letter to info@truefalse.org, with the job title in your subject line. We are happy to work with students exploring the possibility of earning academic credit through their schools.


There are no internships available at this time, but please contact info@truefalse.org with any general questions or to inquire about upcoming positions.