Buskers Last Stand
Sunday, Mar 4 / 10:00PM / Missouri Theatre

With a tear and a beer, the festival ends as the last air escapes the bellows of the accordion. Link arms with your festival friends and join a ragtag crew of buskers in the lobby of the Missouri Theatre as they offer an instant wake for T/F 2012. Event begins directly after the closing night film. For those of you watching the closing night film at Jesse, we invite you to join the swaggering procession of buskers on the steps of Jesse Hall, who will lead a signing band of merry festival-goers through the Quad to the Missouri Theatre, where we’ll all join together for one last goodbye.

Campfire Stories
Friday, Mar 2 / 9:30PM / Odd Fellows Lodge

Join us at the Odd Fellows temple for one of our newer, cozy traditions: eight filmmakers gather around a "campfire" to swap tales of the scene that got away, complete with homemade s'mores. Sponsored by HBO Documentary Films.

[email protected]#% Comedy Night
Saturday, Mar 3 / 11:15PM / The Blue Note

Johnny St. John will once again booze his way through Gimme Truth and do his best to stand on two feet for his after-show set. Propping him up will be Dan Friesen and friends from Chicago’s supposedly “great” comedy scene.

@CTION! Party
Friday, Mar 2 / 10:00PM / Tonic

The now-legendary Friday night party held at a downtown nightclub. Sponsored by Schlafly Beer. Featuring DJ’s from DC’s legendary Fatback party and more. Free (no ticket required) for Lux, Silver Circle and Super Circle passholders; $20 at the door for Simple passholders, space permitting.

Filmmaker Fête
Saturday, Mar 3 / 4:00PM / PS: Gallery

PS:Gallery, on Walnut Street, hosts this year's banquet in honor of our visiting filmmakers. Mike Odette and Sycamore provide the food. Open to Super and Silver Circle passholders only.

Gimme Truth!
Saturday, Mar 3 / 9:30PM / The Blue Note

Gimme Truth! is a '60s-era TV game show a la "What's My Line" or "Truth or Consequences." Contestants in the game show are local filmmakers, while  visiting documentary filmmakers from around the world act as judges to decide which videos are true and which ones are false. 

The Jubilee (feat. Undefeated)
Thursday, Mar 1 / 6:00PM / Missouri Theatre

Kick off the Fest with a fancypants gala at the Missouri Theatre. Put on your tux, robot suit, little black dress, or funkiest get-up while you masquerade with the rest of the muckety-mucks at the Missouri Theatre. (For the minimalist approach, cocktail attire and a mask will do just fine.) Catch the first Missouri Theater screening of the fest and partake of the plentiful libations crafted by Columbia's finest bartenders. Sponsored by Inside Columbia magazine. Reserved ticket required, or $35 at the door for admission.

March March
Friday, Mar 2 / 5:30PM / Boone County Courthouse Square

The festival's signature kickoff parade through the streets of Columbia. All are welcome to watch and participate. Dress up as robots or wear a tinfoil hat! It's free!

The Speculative Stroll
Saturday, Mar 3 / 11:45AM / Box Office
Saturday, Mar 3 / 2:30PM / Box Office
Sunday, Mar 4 / 11:45AM / Box Office
Sunday, Mar 4 / 2:30PM / Box Office

Free-wheeling raconteur Speed Levitch, featured in the film "The Cruise," accompanied by aide-de-camp Gabriel Williams, gives us a free tour of Columbia that introduces us to a city we didn't know existed. Starts from the T/F Box Office.

Third Coast Breakfast Club
Saturday, Mar 3 / 10:00AM / Little Ragtag
Join The Third Coast International Audio Festival for a free breakfast club screening (featuring cereal!) as it presents: Lights Out. Based in Chicago, the Third Coast curates sound-rich audio stories from around the world and shares them with as many ears as possible – on the radio, on the Internet, and at public listening events all over the place. The Third Coast Filmless Festival (TCFF) embraces a film festival model, offering hour-long “screenings” of unforgettable audio stories, presented in the dark.  Chosen especially for T/F from the 2011 TCFF program, “Lights Out” features stories of metaphorical and literal darkness: blackouts, blindness, lost love, and misadventures in space. Festival directors Johanna Zorn and Julie Shapiro, and featured producer Delaney Hall will be on-hand for a Q&A following the screening. Featuring "Lights Out" by Delaney Hall (USA), "Basement Story" by Austin Bunn (USA), "A Cold Freezin Night (for Doomed Lovers)" by Andrea Silenzi (USA), "Moon Graffiti" by Jonathan Mitchell and Hillary Frank (USA) "Star for Sale" by Gretchen Miller (AUS), "A Seizure's Lament" by Carma Jolly and Steve Wadhams (CAN) and "First Steps" by Jonathan Goldstein, Mira Burt-Wintonick, Cristal Duhaime, and Ryan Knighton (CAN)


True Life Run
Saturday, Mar 3 / 8:00AM / Flat Branch Park

A new, bright-and-early tradition at T/F, the True Life Run challenges all runners and walkers to start Saturday, March 3 with a mad dash through the streets of downtown Columbia.

The Weird Wake-Up Breakfast
Sunday, Mar 4 / 9:30AM / Odd Fellows Lodge

Join us at the Odd Fellows Lodge, as we eat breakfast provided by Cafe Berlin, Uprise & Kaldi’s and partake of one of the more unusual screenings at the Fest, Secret Screening Green. It's both a meta-narrative about the Situationists and a pop cultural institution turned inside out. Babbling whispers, and frustrating self-awareness included, the film dances back and forth across the True/False divide with surprising grace. Depending on your orientation, it’s either brilliant or vexing, funny or maddening. And that makes it terrifically appropriate for a Weird Wake Up. $14 (screening and food) or $10 (screening only); Free for Lux, Silver Circle and Super Circle passholders (reservation required).