2018 PROVOCATEURS - True/False Film Fest 2018 PROVOCATEURS - True/False Film Fest

February 2, 2018


True/False presents the third year of Provocations: a curated selection of incendiary thinkers. These whip-smart presenters will appear before feature films, injecting a mini “ideas-fest” into True/False, offering challenging ideas in five-minute blasts. These five individuals stand ready to rearrange worldviews with the power of their words.

Aja Romano: Drawing upon her background in fandom, Aja writes about internet culture for Vox. Her reporting provides insights into geek culture from fanfiction enclaves to the dark recesses of Reddit.

Danny Giles: Originally hailing from Columbia, Danny is now based in Chicago where he works as an interdisciplinary artist and educator. His performances at distinguished museums and galleries question the power dynamics of systems.

Miko Revereza: Since relocating from Manila as a child, Miko has lived undocumented in the United States for almost 25 years. His films and writing grapple with his long-­term problems with documentation and the exclusion it imposes.

Nicole He: Nicole uses technology to make art about technology. She playfully transforms both digital mediums and physical objects to explore the relationship between humans and computers with interactivity and humor.

Paul Bloom: A prominent psychologist, Paul’s latest book is Against Empathy: The Case for Rational Compassion. His groundbreaking work convincingly makes counterintuitive arguments about morality, religion, art, and how we understand the world.





On the Sunday morning of the Fest, the five piquant Provocateurs, along with some special guests, will gather to present their provocations at the Chautauqua, an event named after the adult education movement popular in the 19th and 20th century. Like early Chautauquas, True/False’s event comes complete with music and storytelling. It will be held at Rhynsburger Theatre and tickets are required for this event.