Best Sound
Dir. Josh Polon; 2014; 6 min.

This testament to the transformative power of cinema depicts a mute sound designer as he gathers hard-earned materials for his transcendent art. (Plays with Gimme Truth!)

Butter Lamp
Dir. Hu Wei; 2013; 15 min.

A modern photographer helps Tibetan nomads get with the times. (Plays in Kith & Kin)

Emergency Calls
Dir. Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen; 2013; 15 min.

In the vast immensity of nighttime, a vast, vulnerable population dial their despair. (Plays with Killing Time)

Dir. Jake Nava; 4 min.

A dazzling, straight-shooting feminist declaration from pop icon Beyoncé and Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. (Plays with Actress)

Foundry Night Shift
Dir. Steven Bognar; 2014; 5 min.

The last gap of industrialism, as seen at a fiery furnace where Steinway piano frames are made. (Plays with Demonstration)

Gates of Life
Dir. Hannes Vartiainen and Pekka Veikkolainen; 2012; 6 min.

Steals stolen moments at a Helsinki railroad station (Plays in Kith & Kin)

Good Morning Resistance
Dir. Adrián Orr; 2013; 20 min.

An epic Odyssey by a father intending to get his three kids to school on time. (Plays in Kith & Kin)

The Green Serpent
Dir. Benny Jaberg; 2013; 20 min.

An old proverb states: "Vodka is our enemy, so we'll utterly consume it!" While the demon water sends most Russian men early to their graves, some continue to chase its salutary effects, as seen in the stylish short. (Plays in Kingdom, If I Can)

Hacked Circuit
Dir. Deborah Stratman; 2013; 15 min.

An otherworldly, single-shot portal into the mechanisms undergirding Hollywood, with a cameo by Gene Hackman. (Plays with The Joycean Society)

The House is Black
Dir. Forough Farrokhzad; 1963; 22 min.

This landmark film about life in a leper column has been credited for touching off the Iranian New Wave. (Plays with The Apple)

I Think This is the Closest To How the Footage Looked
Dir. Yuval Hameiri; 2013; 9 min.

A stunning look at what remains after a mother leaves her family behind. (Plays in Kith & Kin)

The Last Days of Peter Bergmann
Dir. Ciaran Cassidy; 2014; 19 min.

Takes us on an engrossing forensic journey into the disappearance of a loner, as seen through a series of spycams. (Plays in Vanishing Point)

The Lion's Mouth Opens
Dir. Lucy Walker; 2014; 15 min.

A down-to-earth sci-fi about a woman at a crossroads. (Plays in Kith & Kin)

The Lost Village
Dir. Manuel Jimenez; 2013; 13 min.

Behold the icon! A village awaits an annually recurring appearance, which has defined a region. (Plays with Miraculous Tales)

Morning Star
Dir. David Kremer; 2013; 40 min.

The found evidence of a courageous life on the high seas. We witness a French woman leave all that she knows in search of adventure on her beloved sailboat, the Stella Matutina. (Plays in Vanishing Point)

Mountain in Shadow
Dir. Lois Patiño; 2013; 12 min.

Distant skiers on a snowy mountain show man’s place in the overwhelming, awesome landscape. (Plays in Kingdom, If I Can)

Rings of Life
Dir. Ida Lindgren; 2013; 13 min.

An older sister sets off on a poetic exploration of love and loss. (Plays in Vanishing Point)

Sirs & Misters
Dir. Olexandr Techynskyy; 2013; 35 min.

An uneasy symbiosis between two very different groups prevails in as local porters work with Hasidic Jews making pilgrimage to a town near  Kiev, where the founder of their sect is buried. Before the singing-and-dancing exaltation can commence, some more basic arrangements must be negotiated. (Plays in Kingdom, If I Can)

Tim and Susan Have Matching Handguns
Dir. Joe Callander; 2014; 2 min.

Demonstrates once and for all that marital bliss is a set of warm revolvers. (Plays in Kith & Kin)

Dir. Lukasz Konopa; 24 min.

Close by the glitzy Strip is an underbelly filled with aspiring crooners, repo men and cat-loving aqueduct denizens. (Plays with A Thousand Suns)

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