2013 Shorts

Sweet and succinct, shorts are the little films that could. Here are the films that play before some of our features. In addition, T/F 2013 features three shorts compilations listed  on the Films page:  The Ascent of Man, Boys & Their Toys, and Lost & Found.

Bradley Manning Had Secrets
Dir. Adam Butcher; 6 min.

Internet chat transcripts paint a complicated portrait of Wikileaks whistleblower Bradley Manning. (Plays with Captain and his Pirate)

Catnip: Egress to Oblivion?
Dir. Jason Willis; 6 min.

Long seen as an innocuous substance, this psychedelic scourge afflicts the worldwide feline population. (Plays with Gimme Truth!)

Dear Valued Guests
Dir. Jarred Alterman and Paul Sturtz; 2013; 15 min.

Columbia’s world-famous Regency Hotel is set to be demolished, but before the wrecking ball arrives, a ragtag group of artists takes over the top floor. (Plays with The Village at the End of the World)

Declaration of War
Dir. Dustin Guy Defa; 2013; 6 min.

A haunting compilation of C-SPAN footage taken from the day George Bush announced “Operation Enduring Freedom” in Afghanistan.  This mesmerizing short opens a new window into how government officials embraced the war. (Plays on The Great Wall)

Dir. David Redmon & Ashley Sabin; 2013; 9 min.

Using beautiful cinematography, Redmon and Sabin transform these dirty, creatures of work into majestic, gorgeous animals. (Plays on The Great Wall)

Drive Thru
Dir. Steven Bognar & Julia Reichert; 2013; 10 min.

The exotic phenomenon known as the American Beer Drive Thru becomes an immersive experience in this three-camera split screen short. Shot entirely in Dayton, Ohio, which appears to have a higher beer drive thru per capita ratio than most cities. (Plays on The Great Wall)

Dusty Night
Dir. Ali Hazara; 2011; 20 min.

Afghanistan as seen through the eyes of Kabul’s street sweepers, who spend their nights shifting a never-ending supply of heavy dust. (Plays with Garden of Eden)

Magnetic Reconnection
Dir. Kyle Armstrong; 2012; 13 min.

This is an experience that is most fitting at night, outdoors and on a giant wall.  Armstrong directs narrator Will Oldham to dissect light and time against decaying man-made structures of the 20th century creating a luminescent piece which juxtaposes these rusted, ugly industrial structures against the beautiful and forever-present Northern Lights. (Plays on The Great Wall)

Marcel, King of Tervuren
Dir. Tom Schroeder; 2012; 6 min.

Marcel, a Belgian rooster, won’t die in this mesmerizing animated short, which unfolds like a Greek tragedy. (Plays with These Birds Walk)

Mémoire Impossible/Impossible Memory
Dir. Jarred Alterman; 2013; 9 min.

Alterman creates an homage to the legendary director Chris Marker by combining his La Jetée and Sans Soleil with Marker's favorite film
Vertigo into a science fiction adventure. Marker, who passed away July 29, would have undoubtedly  loved to have time-traveled through these newly uncovered portals. "People say only time can heal a wound, but I think it’s the other way around- time heals everything but the wound." – Chris Marker (Plays on The Great Wall)

My Favorite Picture of You
Dir. Dir. Dan Lindsay & T.J. Martin; 2013; 4 min.

In this tender, heartbreaking short from the directors of Undefeated (T/F 2012) an elderly couple endeavors to remember their love. (Plays with Stories We Tell)

The Other Day
Dir. Victor Kossakovsky; 1991; 10 min.

On the day Leningrad turned into Saint Petersburg, 2012 True Vision honoree Victor Kossakovsky found a dead body on the street. (Plays with Winter Go Away!)

Dir. Joshua Izenberg; 2013; 16 min.

Streetside philosopher Slomo may be considered crazy – he rollerblades in super slow-motion, often with one leg pointed heaven-ward –  but he’s “not an asshole.” (Plays with I Am Breathing)

Tina Delivers a Goat
Dir. Joe Callander; 2013; 2 min.

Which shows the well-intentioned paving stones which comprise the road to hell. (Plays with Secret Screening Green)

Vladimir Putin in Deep Concentration
Dir. Dana O'Keefe & Sasha Kliment; 2013; 10 min.

From the man who brought you 2012’s “Aaron Burr, Pt. II,” this is a movie about an implacably blank face.  And a very distinctive walk. It's terrifying. (Plays with Secret Screening Red)

You Can't Always Get What You Want
Dir. Scott Calonico; 2012; 9 min.

Recently declassified White House tapes show President Johnson struggling with daily issues in the Oval Office, including troublesome telephone operators and limited dessert options. (Plays on The Great Wall)