Bruiser Queen

Bruiser Queen blends 21st Century garage punk stomp with 60's girl group shimmy. Bruiser Queen's website


BWAHA, co-founder of Dirty Disco, will be attacking the volunteer party again this year! From disco to trap he will use all genres at his disposal to get your booty bouncing! Bwaha Soundcloud

Chimney Choir

Clever arrangements born from an amalgamation of musical influences, including old timey folk songs, friends on Mississippi porches, and stories of robots and time machines gone wrong.
Chimney Choir's Website

Cindy Woolf and Mark Bilyeu

Cindy’s voice, with its sweet Missouri twang, warms our insides like a long drink of moonshine. Take a pull and feel it burn so good.
Cindy Woolf's Website

Comfort Zone

The second incarnation of this 48 hour band challenge is to find a practice space and work out a set two days before the fest. Comfort Zone Bandcamp.


Coward's sound is wrought with honesty and substance; powerful, yet humane; tumultuous, yet blissful. Coward's Bandcamp.

DJ Gold E Mouf

Chicago based DJ Gold E Mouf serves up a mix of bounce, house, and R&B to keep you on your feet all night. Gold E Mouf's mixcloud.

Dubb Nubb

Dubb Nubb is a family folk band that tells stories through images of highways and cities, nature and concrete, ghosts and lovers.
Dubb Nubb's Facebook Page.

Eric Rich

Piano bike extraordinaire Eric Rich pedals forth to deliver beautiful classical renditions on the streets of Columbia.
Eric Rich will be performing Thurs night at Toast/False at 9pm. Eric's Website.


Maximalist Psych-Rock collective Fliight have been conducting loud, repetitive sound experiments since 2009.

The Flood Brothers

The Flood Brothers' sound, rich with boot-stompin' rhythms and heart-tuggin' blues, was born on the banks of the Mississippi River and cultivated in the Delta sun.
Flood Brother's Facebook page.

Flux Bikes

Flux Bikes turns bicycle wheels into percussion instruments, incorporating West African rhythms, electro-acoustic techniques, and improvisation.
Flux Bikes Bandcamp.

Foundry Field Recordings

Former Columbia, Mo based outfit helmed by Billy Schuh returns with David Korasick and Crystal Lewis bringing a mix of songs fluid with picturesque landscapes and serrated emotions in a scaled down acoustic format. Foundry Field Recording's Facebook Page.


A mathematician by day, musician by night, Hema plays Carnatic Music, the traditional music of Southern India, on the veena, accompanied by violin and flute.

The Hooten Hallers

For these three Missouri boys, the pie in the sky is a bottle of whiskey and a damn good story to tell.
Hooten Hallers will be performing at Mojo's A Go Go on Friday Night at 9:30. Hooten Hallers bandcamp page.

Jerusalem and the Starbaskets

Country-loving trio Jeremy Freeze, Kim Sherman, and Jon Garland wrap sharp-edged guitars and meandering vocals in layers of maracas, fuzz, and distortion.
Jerusalem will be playing Mojo's A Go Go Thurs Night at 9:30. Jerusalem & The Starbaskets Bandcamp Page.

Les Trois Coups

This charming, hyperkinetic French quartet is back for an encore, mixing street theater and musette-inspired traditional French tunes. Les Trois Coups website

Lone Piñon

Two New Mexico transplants use guitar, fiddle, and accordion to conjure up and pay tribute to the traditional folk songs from the region of El Rio Grande del Norte while stirring in their own styles of old-time and classic country music.
Lone Pinon's Facebook Page.

Lonesome Leash

Walt McClements of Dark Dark Dark and Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship? (T/F 2012), returns with this solo project, in which he breathes life into ghosts with each song while building on accordion chords with foot drums and trumpet accents.
Lonesome Leash's Bandcamp.


Crystal vocals and the biggest of beats. MNDR is a pop chanteuse for/from the future. MNDR will DJ at the @ction Party and will perform at Mojo's A Go Go on Saturday night at 9:30pm. MNDR's website.

Molly Gene One Whoaman Band

A whirlwind from Warrensburg, Mo, this one whoaman band delivers a delta blues sound of boozed soaked vocals, hound dog harmonica, swampified guitars, and crushing drums all at the same time.
Molly Gene will be performing at Mojo A Go Go Thurs Night at 9:30pm. Molly Gene's Website.

Mountain Animation

Lightning-quick banjo and flame-throwing violin mayhem, backed with minimalist percussion, takes listeners to higher elevations.
Mountain Animation's website.


Sugary vocals blended with pop hooks, distorted guitars, vintage synthesizers and plenty of dance moves. Née's website

Nevada Greene

Ethereal midwestern instrumentalists.
Nevada Greene's Bandcamp.

New Tongues

Drenched in reverb, propulsive rhythms, and a 90's midwestern aesthetic. New Tongues Bandcamp.

The Onions

The Onions are five boys with three-part harmonies and one single faith in the glories of pop music.

La Operación Jarocha

 A collective of musicians from Veracruz, Mexico that embody the spontaneous spirit of traditional jarocha music. La Operación Jarocha's Bandcamp.

Paul Rucker

A veteran musician, composer & artist who wields a cello with furiousity and finesse to create an expansive soundscape.
Paul Rucker will be peforming at Toast/False on Thursday Night at 9pm. Paul Rucker's Website.


This classically trained musician and esteemed scholar moonlights with his wandering folk songs on the mbira and slit drum.
Prahlad's website.

Rae Fitzgerald

Local songwriter Rae Fitzgerald pulls you in close with deep sultry tunes that leave you swooning and swaying to the spell of her voice.
Rae's Bandcamp.

Raya Brass Band

With influences from the Balkans to New Orleans and from punk to jazz, these instrumentalists will conjure up a celebration on the streets, dance floors, or wherever you let them.
Raya is performing at Mojo's A Go Go on Friday Night at 9:30pm. Raya Brass Band's website.

Ruth Acuff

Harpist Ruth Acuff weaves intricate stories with delicate strings accompanied by her loved ones on bass, glockenspiel and vocals.
Ruth Acuff is playing Toast/False on Thurs Night at 9pm. Ruth's Bandcamp Page.

Samuel James

One man and his guitar. So much energy from each pick, slide, and strum that you'll be pulsing with the sounds of his blues heavy rhythms long after he's left the stage.
Samuel James' Website.


Recreating the psychedelic audio/visual sensations of European discotheques of the 1980's, SpaceIsThePlace is a dance party like no other. Soundcloud Mix


These talented guitar players channel folk duos of generations past with catchy songs, close harmonies and driving rhythms played on nylon strings.
Stepdaughter Vox videos.

Syna So Pro

Syrhea Conaway layers rhythms and vocals with a looping station and a microphone, resulting in an enchanting a capella experience like none other.
Syna So Pro's Reverbnation Page.


Hailing from the misty shores of Maine, True/False veterans, The Toughcats, return to pick, strum, and tap their way into your hearts with a high-energy bluegrass twang.
Toughcats Website.

Yes Ma'am

Soaked in Deep South lore, these muddy tunes come from one of New Orleans' finest busking bands.
Yes Ma'am's Facebook page

Yva Las Vegass

Yva Las Vegass stirs up Venezuelan folk splattered with punk rock, electronica, and grunge. Yva’s voice and passion are sure to leave your eyes watering and skin tingling. Yva's soundcloud page.