Arthouse to Statehouse
Saturday, Mar 7 / 10:00AM / Willy Wilson @ Ragtag

Documentary filmmaking can be a purpose-driven act for filmmakers with multiple bottom lines, including social change. Activism increasingly relies on video content to bear witness and spread the message. What lies at the intersection of these forms? And how do journalists and citizen-journalists situate themselves in this rapidly changing terrain? Emily Verellen of the Fledgling Fund takes on Ferguson Firsthand as a unique transmedia case study and invites crowd participation in strategizing how that project will find its audience, from YOUR house to the statehouse. Ticket required, or free admission via the Q. PRESENTED BY THE FLEDGLING FUND.

The Art Ramble
Saturday, Mar 7 / 11:45AM / Box Office
Saturday, Mar 7 / 2:30PM / Box Office
Sunday, Mar 8 / 11:45AM / Box Office
Sunday, Mar 8 / 2:30PM / Box Office

Bon vivant and raconteur Gabriel Williams leads rollicking tours of downtown art and curiosities, including many of True/False’s art installations. Free and open to the public.


Assent is an autobiographical immersive documentary that puts the user in the footsteps of Raby's father, who in 1973 was a 22-year-old army officer stationed in the north of Chile, on the day the Caravan of Death came to his regiment to execute military detainees. Using VR technology, Assent invites the user to witness that day through his father's eyes, and Raby's. Open during the hours the Picturehouse is open.

Campfire Stories
Friday, Mar 6 / 9:30PM / Odd Fellows Lodge

Let’s get cozy! Host, author, filmmaker, and storyteller extraordinaire Davy Rothbart gathers eight directors around a "campfire" to swap tales of the scene that got away, complete with homemade s'mores courtesy of three local businesses: Uprise Bakery, the Candy Factory, and the Wine Cellar & Bistro. Reserved ticket required; open to all passholders.

Ferguson Firsthand

Ferguson Firsthand is an interactive experience that explores Michael Brown's death using a combination of graphic journalism and virtual reality.  It allows you to move through an immersive re-creation of the Ferguson shooting on August 9, 2014 and view the events based on eight eyewitness accounts and released grand jury statements.  The witnesses' stories have been interpreted in comics form by graphic journalist Dan Archer, a 2014 Reynolds Journalism Institute fellow. Open during the hours the Picturehouse is open. Presented by The Fledgling Fund.

Gimme Truth!
Saturday, Mar 7 / 9:30PM / The Vimeo Theater at The Blue Note

Emceed by the Johnny St. John, America's favorite documentary game show challenges the audience plus a panel of esteemed contestants to decide whether films are true or false. Local non-professional filmmakers attempt to fool seasoned directors by presenting their totally true or totally false two-minute docs. Tech support provided by CAT. Ticket required. PRESENTED BY VIMEO.


Hollow is an interactive documentary and community participatory project that examines the future of rural America through the eyes and voices of those living in McDowell County, West Virginia. Hollow combines video portraits, data visualizations, photography, soundscapes, community-generated content, and grassroots mapping to bring these stories to life through an online experience. Open during the hours the Picturehouse is open.

March March
Friday, Mar 6 / 5:15PM / Boone County Courthouse Square

What better way to encourage the tremulous start of spring than to lead by example and march into March? To bring this month in like a lion, we invite one and all to join, dress in costume, ride your bike, whatever you'd like (just no advertising or motorized vehicles). Free and open to the public. Led by our own King of Queens, Ron Ironic Ribiat. Route & details here! Visit our friends at Maude V. to find the perfect March March costume!

Saturday, Mar 7 / 3:00PM / Willy Wilson @ Ragtag

Ever since Robert Drew and Ricky Leacock separated sound recording from the camera, nonfiction filmmaking has danced with technology, alternately leading and following to fit creative and aesthetic (and often practical) needs. Now, with interactive storytelling (i.e. gaming) a bigger industry than film, and virtual reality moving from the bleeding edge to the technological mainstream, it’s no wonder that nonfiction creators are anxiously seeking new vehicles for their storytelling.  Join transmedia artists/journalists/storytellers Elaine Sheldon (Hollow), Oscar Raby (The Assent) and Dan Archer (Ferguson Firsthand) as they guide us into this uncharted territory.

True Life Run
Saturday, Mar 7 / 9:00AM / Flat Branch Park

A bright-and-early tradition at T/F, the True Life Run invites all runners and walkers to start Saturday, March 7, with a mad dash through the streets of downtown Columbia. The 5k run/walk will start at 9am in Flat Branch Park and take in the landmarks of our fair city, offering a handful of eclectic adventures along the way. In addition to prizes from local businesses, we'll also offer one Lux pass to next year’s True/False to the male and female winners. Winners will be determined by a combination of course time and successful participation in the harebrained challenges along the way.

The entry fee of $25 includes the run, official T-shirt, and breakfast from Harold's Doughnuts, B&B Bagels, and Kaldi's Coffee. Online registration for the True Life Run ends at 10pm on Friday, March 6. You can register on site at 8am on Saturday, March 7, for a day-of fee of $30. Proceeds from the Run will be donated to the True Life Fund.

Unstoryfiable - Where journalism fails and modern power begins
Friday, Mar 6 / 12:00PM / Big Ragtag

Adam Curtis is a psycho-archaeologist who elevates us from the 24-hour news cycle and helps us make sense of the recent past. This cheeky mythbuster persistently skewers the ways in which  mainstream politicians and journalists explain the world to us. In this wide-ranging conversation, Curtis shares some short films and clips and illustrates how modern factual journalism and filmmaking can't see the new systems of power that are all around us.

Weird Wake-Up Breakfast
Sunday, Mar 8 / 9:30AM / Odd Fellows Lodge

Breakfast is served bright and early featuring tasty morsels from the new brunch menu at Jina Yoo’s Asian Bistro and all the coffee you can drink courtesy of Kaldi's. Once you’re fully awake, take in an early-morning mindbending doc. Ticket required, reservable by Lux, Silver Circle, and Super Circle passholders. All passholders can Q for the film.