All That Is Real Is Possible

Along the lighted path on Alley A is Alicia Eggert’s epic neon sculpture; its dual messages ask us to reimagine the world and what we (individually and collectively) can accomplish.

Book Report

Jeanne Finley and John Muse’s looping single channel video compiles short sequences from the series Mad Man of Don Draper reading books and brief “reviews” of these books in the idiom of Twitter.  In these sequences, Don’s reading is always interrupted, as though his efforts to be elsewhere were doomed.  Other images intervene in the scenes of reading, providing both commentary and a vivid index of Don's immersion.  The tweets, pithy reviews dismissive Don’s books, create a counterpoint: Don reads and viewers are invited to read over his shoulder, but with little patience for literature or his desire to escape. Featured at The Great Wall on Sat and Sun, 8P-11P (looping).

Bucky Balls

Tension and compression hold together these pieces by artist and author Mark Steck. Influenced by Buckminster Fuller, Steck has created an immersive, large scale atomic structure that has to be seen to be conceived. Climb inside and experience the world of Tensegrity: lounge on an island of compression amidst an ocean of tension.

Camera Obscure

On your way into the Picturehouse, linger on the lawn to explore Artist-in-Residence Duncan Bindbeutel’s CAMERA OBSCURE, a giant pinhole camera which transforms the everyday into the extraordinary, bending your view of the world. Don't miss your chance to get your photo taken - hours will be listed on-site during the festival weekend.

Camino Saudade

Be sure to grab a map from the box office for Artist-in-Residence Duncan Bindbeutel's Camino Saudade. These maps will guide you to several waypoints around the fest. The waypoints will be different at each location, so be sure you keep an eye out for clues that lead you to them, and be mindful that some things may not be what they seem! Each waypoint will reveal another piece of the puzzle that can be found on your map.

Carbon 60

Glenn Rice’s Carbon 60, made up from over 150 tomato cages, is the embodiment of a large molecule, not unlike the millions of particles we cannot see, hanging above us all as we walk through the Jesse Hall atrium.

Cool White

Flanking the Tiger Hotel end of the Alley A is Glenn Rice’s light sculpture COOL WHITE, a giant chandelier that brightens the darkness with a thousand watts of color and warmth.


As you pass by the Globe Theater, take a gander at the late, great Willy Wilson’s DRAGON, drawing power from the mycelium of the Globe lawn.

Exposed to the Elements
Local artist Taylor Shaw invites festival participants to examine an intimate setting in a public space with Exposed To The Elements. A comfortable living room, intricately created, is laid bare. Patrons of the festival are encouraged to examine, occupy, and interact with the created space over the course of the weekend. Exposed to any and all forces of nature that may be present, participants may want to return multiple times to witness how the space has evolved over the course of the weekend.
Forrest Trees

Tree by TREE, Michael Marcum continues his metal reforestation project—2017 boasts his twelfth hand-crafted metalwork tree.

The Globe Lobby Art

In the lobby of The Globe, play with the interactive MAPACUS! as you Q, and don't forget to visit everyone’s favorite buffalo, BARB, who returns for her sixth year, once again sporting thousands of keyboard keys.

The Globe Stained Glass

Camellia Cosgray’s lighted MAP continues to beam inside the theater, while the south side of the room features stained-glass panels designed by a local gang of merrymakers; these glowing marvels are made entirely of tissue paper and glue.

The Knacks

In the depths of the Blue Note, you’ll come across over 20,000 feet of rope lovingly hand-knitted by a small army of locals, led by fiber artists Tracy Greever-Rice and Jessica Dekker.

Life in Depth

Tracy Greever-Rice and her team have created colorful fabric structures representing underwater creatures and forms. These up-cycled handcrafted creations deserve a closer look, so be sure to explore the intricate and elegant details of this ethereal seabed.

Memory Burn

In the Forrest theater, Nabil El Jaouhari’s MEMORY BURN pieces flicker inside the infamous moonlit birch forest.

memory of a green world

Nicole Baker’s projection mapping video explores the unseen magic in nature, that which is glimpsed when we pull back the veil of reality using ritual, trance, and/or psychoactive substances. Juxtaposed with images of environmental exploitation and destruction, the contrast creates tension and is symbolic of the loss of wild spaces in life and globally. Featured at The Great Wall on Thurs and Fri, 8P-11P (looping).

Mineralogy 101

The I-beams in Alley A have started to mineralize as Carrie Elliott’s larger than life sculptures of various crystals and mineralogical samples overtake the metal structures.


At @CTION! Gabrielle Parish bends time and space to bring you a galaxy of wonders at this year’s @ction party. Travel through the vortex, dance underneath a black hole, and gaze into the stars and beyond. Featuring newly produced projections from local filmmaker Sasha Goodnow. Your TF journey may lead you way out into the ether, where you’ll encounter the unmistakable atmosphere created by the chemistry of NEON TREEHOUSE (local artists Becca Sullinger, Brian Doss, and Gabe Meyer).

Picturehouse Portrait Project

Nathan Truesdell, Sam Spencer, Steve Rice, Nick Michael, Chelsea Myers, Stacey Woelfel, and the MU Micro-Doc class continue their larger-than-life sociology project: video portraits of our fellow mid-Missourians, newly updated. 

Quasi-Stellar Object + Diamond Heart

Glenn Rice’s light sculptures, Diamond Heart and Quasi-Stellar Object, capture the essence of a mineral’s crystalline structure and our ability to perceive these structures in nature via LED lights.

selections from Monuments to the Conquerors of Space

Virginia-based artist Brittany Nelson presents selections from her series “monuments to the conquerors of space”; these large polypropylene prints comprise of exposures of a dismantled photo enlarger pieced together to create compositions reminiscent of Russian Formalist art and design.

Signs around the Fest

Glenn Rice, T/F’s  sign czar, has done it again. His largest signs transcend the strictly informational. Check out the SHOWTIME signs at The Blue Note, the PICTUREHOUSE PORTAL, the BOX OFFICE banners, and the GLOBE sign on the Cherry Street garage.

Sitting History Archive Project

Dan and Luc Goldstein continue their construction of a recycled lounge built from old festival program guides in their SITTING HISTORY ARCHIVE PROJECT.

The Space Created

Artist-in-residence Maggy Rhein’s epically large, segmented, felted bowl offers up a sense of opportunity to all of those who witness it. As an empty vessel it asks to be filled and refilled, and viewed from different angles it offers even more opportunities for creation and imagination.

Squaring the Circle

St Louis artist David Hutson’s neon sculpture, SQUARING THE CIRCLE, explores an ancient geometry problem: constructing a square with the same area as a given circle was posed as an impossibility. This concept is explored as an allegory to our socio-political climate of impasse.


Erika Adair has created a series of jars containing branches. Colorful forms of carbon-dioxide are housed within the jars and bright representations of oxygen can be seen emerging from the living trees. 

Through the Trees

Sisters Mollie Hosmer-Dillard and Zoe Hosmer-Dillard bring us their ethereal collection “Through the Trees,” a series of small mixed-media paintings and prints that, taken together, comprise a larger whole.

Transmedia Arcade

Tucked away in a hidden room within the gallery, you will find a vintage-inspired, black-lit arcade, which showcases documentary stories told through new mediums. Fest-goers are encouraged to challenge their assumptions about reality through VR experiences and through the optical illusions within the space. Arcade designed by Katie Jenkins.

The Unfound Tapestries

In the lobby of the Globe, explore the detailed, fantastical maps depicted in fiber artist Tracy Greever-Rice’s UNFOUND TAPESTRIES, woven by a team of Columbians out of unwanted clothing and fabric.

Waveforms and Wires

Local artist Madeline Carl has created chandeliers representing the visual construct of sound, built through hand-crafted wooden wav forms. Backing the bands at each venue are welded (Ross Obernuefemann) T/F signs symbolizing nostalgic tin-can-telephone lines.

Wild Seed: Mobile Field Museum & Apothecary

Be sure to stop by Wild Seed: Mobile Field Museum & Apothecary to explore Emily Hemeyer's collection of findings. This 1962 Creed trailer was revamped and filled with an assortment of wonders! There's a story a compelling story behind each item, multiple exploration times are encouraged. You may also choose to participate in mini workshops and discussions that will be hosted by the artist Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the fest. So stop by between films and learn a thing or two about taxidermy, tinctures, infusions, geological treasures, fungi 101, Appalachian Faith Healers and more! See times listed below.

Friday March 3rd:

11:00 - 12:00 / Wild Edibles 

1:00 - 2:00 / Fermentation

4:00 - 5:00 / Tinctures & Infusions 

Saturday March 4th: 
12:00 - 1:00 / Mushroom Basics
3:00 - 4:00 / Wild Harvesting Materials
4:00 - 5:00 / Pruitt-Igoe Mosaic
Sunday March 5: 
11:30 - 12:30 / Deer Parts & Uses
2:30 - 3:30 / Natural Dyes
4:00 - 5:00 / Forest Magic

Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark’s YOLO turns the drive-in cinema inside out, transforming late model junk cars into a public screening environment. The screens -- the car windows -- feature 100 crash scenes from Hollywood films, one crash feeding into another in an absurd and hypnotic American elegy.