2011 Parties

@CTION! Party
Friday, Mar 4 / 10:00PM / Other
The now-legendary Friday night party held at a downtown nightclub. Sponsored by Schlafly Beer. Music by DJ Name Names and the Chances DJ Collective.The party begins at 10 pm and the design is a fantastical forest of dots, spots & altered perceptions inspired by the work of Yayoi Kusama, designed by a Chicago/Columbia collective.
Buskers Last Stand
Sunday, Mar 6 / 10:15PM / Missouri Theatre
With a tear and a beer, the festival ends as the last air escapes the bellows of the accordion. LInk arms with your festival friends and join a ragtag crew of buskers in the lobby of the Missouri Theatre as they offer an instant wake for T/F 2011. Event begins directly after the closing night film.
The Jubilee
Thursday, Mar 3 / 6:00PM / Missouri Theatre
Let the Jubilee begin: Having reached the ripe old age of eight, True/False is ready to kick off the Fest with a fancypants gala. Those with a Lux pass or above are invited to the Missouri Theatre. Catch one of the first screenings of the fest, the film "Benda Bilili!", and partake of the plentiful libations, provided by downtown's finest bartenders.