2011 Panels


Africa '11...the pulse of a continent
Friday, Mar 4 / 12:30PM / Columbia Art League
How can outsiders tell stories about Africa? What will they miss? Is there anything that their foreign perspective might gain them? Join moderator and filmmaker Eric Daniel Metzgar (Reporter) as he talks with four other directors who have made films on the continent.
Are you laughing at me?
Friday, Mar 4 / 2:30PM / Columbia Art League
Grand and tragic figures make for documentary subjects. But the relationship those subjects have with filmmakers sometimes raises uncomfortable questions. Join moderator Beadie Finzi, Robert Greene (Fake It So Real), Andris Gauja (Family Instinct), Dennis Ho (Subway Preacher) and Chase Thompson (Zielinski) as they squirm in their chairs.
At the Edge of Truth: Hybrid Documentaries
Friday, Mar 4 / 10:30AM / Columbia Art League
Reenactments, dramatizations, introduced actors, staged scenes -- what are documentaries coming to? And where are they going? Join moderator/critic Robert Koehler as he speaks with four new purveyors of the slash between true and false: Michal Marczak (At the Edge of Russia), Marcin Sauter (North From Calabria), Clio Barnard (The Arbor) and Brigitte Staermose ("Out of Love").
Auteur Theory Exploded: The role of creative producers
Saturday, Mar 5 / 2:30PM / Columbia Art League
Are directors really solely responsible for the creative direction of a film? Join us as we take apart and take down the auteur theory, with four producers partly responsible for a slew of landmark docs in the last 10 years. Moderator and filmmaker Judith Helfand (Chicken and Egg) talks with Jess Search (Unknown White Male), Julie Goldman (Buck, Motto Pictures) Molly Thompson (A&E), Diane Weyermann (Participant Pictures) and Deborah Shaffer (To Be Heard). Presented by Chicken & Egg Pictures
Beyond Burns: The next wave of historical documentaries
Saturday, Mar 5 / 12:30PM / Columbia Art League
Using archival footage and a variety of fresh techniques to tell big stories from the past, filmmakers must balance artistry and “authenticity.” Join moderator and producer Simon Chinn (Man on Wire) as he talks about the new way of doing old with James Marsh (Project Nim), Chad Friedrichs (The Pruitt-Igoe Myth), Goran Olsson (Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975) and Pietro Marcello (La Bocca Del Lupo)
Here Comes Everybody: Journalism in 2011
Sunday, Mar 6 / 2:00PM / Columbia Art League
Leaping off from Clay Shirky's aptly titled book, this panel will explore the shifting landscape of modern media, from the Grey Old Lady and the British tabloids to Wikileaks. But has the change been overhyped? Moderator Amy McCombs corrals some unruly suppliers of all the news that's fit to print.
How to Crap on Everyone and Make it to the Top
Sunday, Mar 6 / 3:30PM / Columbia Art League
The funniest man in documentary makes his mid-Missouri debut with this one stop workshop designed to make even the most mediocre filmmakers a force to be reckoned with in the indie world. How to crap on your peers, how to talk over the shoulders of unimportant people, how to make your subjects cry on camera and then ditch them when you've finished - everything you need to know in order to make it to the top is here. Lee Kern has had over three minutes of late night, broadcast airtime. You too can become king of the documentary crap heap!
It's Not About the Realness: Evaluating the Current State of Documentary Criticism
Sunday, Mar 6 / 10:30AM / Columbia Art League
Moderator and critic Eric Hynes talks with fellow critics Mark Reardon (Broadcast Film Critics Association), Robert Koehler (Variety, Cinema Scope), Dennis Lim (N.Y. Times, Moving Image Source), and Vadim Rizov (Village Voice) about whether current criticism is keeping up with the changes in non-fiction film.
Mysteries...How to tell a real-life whodunit
Saturday, Mar 5 / 10:30AM / Columbia Art League
Join immoderate moderator Josh Fox (GasLand) as he chats up four mysterious visiting directors about how one builds suspense in a doc.
Off the Screen and Into the Streets
Sunday, Mar 6 / 12:30PM / Columbia Art League
Join social outreach maven Emily Verellen of the Fledgling Fund as she talks with some of the makers and subjects of "The Interrupters" and "To Be Heard”: Steve James, Ameena Matthews, Eddie Martinez, and Pearl Quick. What happens when the subjects of a film take their story off of the screen to make a deeper social impact? The discussion will highlight the differences between distribution, outreach and audience engagement, and explore the role that subjects can play in each phase. Audience members will be encouraged to share their ideas about how these two films can enter the world.