2011 Music

Maybe we should call it the T/F Busking (and Film) Festival. These musicians are T/F's secret weapon to ensure that our festival is the most festive around. They play at parties, lead the March March on Mar. 4 down Broadway, and busk before the films in all of our venues. Tip your hat, give them a high five, and maybe slip them a five if you like them a lot because lord knows we don't pay them enough.

Tyler and Wesley Powell have been writing, recording and sitting on their music for years. Finally, with the help of two friends and a cousin, a handful of these songs will emerge from the basement and into the light.

Bike enthusiasts and merrymakers Bramble will roll in from Salt Lake City with their roadside blackberry-inspired sweet-folk collaborations.

Bunny & Dade
A neurotic yet tender conversation between two uncomfortable souls, one based in Louisville and the other central California.
Buskers Last Stand
Link arms with your festival friends and join a ragtag crew of buskers in the lobby of the Missouri Theatre as they offer an instant wake for T/F 2011. Event begins directly after the closing night film.
Chances Dances
This Chicago-based queer DJ collective believes in the transformative, world-making power of the dance floor. For five years, they've been moving bodies and building community—including supporting local artists by creating and funding the Critical Fierceness Grant.
Cindy Woolf
Cindy Woolf's Arkansas twang conveys a sense of wonder with every note she sings.

Daniel Lutz
Daniel’s performances offer something private and special, if ephemeral. He sings in a beautiful voice while playing the guitar in a beautiful way—both more beautiful than you'd have guessed by looking at him.
David Wax Museum
Combining Latin rhythms, call-and-response hollering, accordion pumping and donkey jawbone rattling, the Museum have electrified audiences across the country with their unique Mexo-Americana aesthetic.

Dennis Ho
Coming from the most vibrant busking scene in America - the New York Subway System - Dennis Ho is a musician, photographer and filmmaker. He’ll be showing off his versatility before screenings of his film, Subway Preacher.
Dubb Nubb
The only twindie-pop band in America? Hannah and Delia Rainey may look identical but they bring very different talents to their music, blending classical guitar, ukulele, leg pats, whistles and unique but complementary vocal styles.

Eastside Showcase
Eastside Tavern, Columbia’s premiere rock ‘n’ roll bar, hosts an armada of bands from De Stijl Records (Minneapolis). Doors at 8pm; show at 10pm. $7
Friday Night Showcase
Cafe Berlin hosts a clutch of bands that leapfrog over genre walls: the moonshining Weeping Wildas, sweetiepie folksters Pearl & the Beard, the honkytonkin’ Justin Young, and the Mexo-Americana hollering of the David Wax Museum. Doors at 8pm. Suggested donation.
Haii Usagi
Japanese for “swift rabbit,” this electro-experimental duo draws from the deep reservoir started by groups such as Aphex Twin and Kraftwerk.
This mathematician plays traditional Indian music on the veena, accompanied by tabla, violin, and flute.
Ian Svenonius
If Ian is not the sole answer to the hype-based careerism, empty formalism and vacuity which has infected what was once a genuinely creative underground rock 'n' roll scene, then he’s the closest thing we’ve got. And his DJ skills are impeccable.
Jerusalem & the Starbaskets
Our favorite space cowboy, Jeremy Freeze, returns with delicate and surreal country tunes, accompanied by Lost Soul bassist Jon Garland.

Justin Theodore Young
An indie folk storyteller with literate lyrics and a penchant for honky-tonk guitar licks.
Kings Go Forth
Stalwarts of the soul revivalist movement, this energetic ten-piece from Milwaukee revels in the sweet sounds of 1970s Philly.
Lizzie Wright Super Space Ship
“At this point in the song, I want you to have a party!” shouts Lizzie Wright. And you best believe she means it.

Columbians of past and present, Malone plays capital "R" Rock and Roll. Three distinct songwriters belt out tunes that range from triumphant to forlorn; sweet to raunchy.

Mojos A-Go-Go
Stomp out a day's documentaries with soul sensations Kings Go Forth, plus Netherfriends and Haii Usagi. Doors at 8pm; show at 10pm. $10 admission
Nature Walk
Nature Walk are Ozark traditionalists with an upbeat flair.

Netherfriends crafts beautiful, atmospheric psych-pop using blissful synthesizers and kitchenware percussion. Led by Shawn Rosenblatt—a talented vocalist and songwriter with a penchant for funny, self-aware poetry—the Chicago group delivers a refreshing, accomplished sound.
October Country
After playing together in SF, Donal Mosher and Danny Grody (of Tarentel and The Drift) began performing live soundtracks to Mosher's photo slide shows. They were joined by Michael Palmieri and Kenric Taylor to compose and record the award-winning soundtrack to Palmieri and Mosher's film October Country.
Pearl and the Beard
Three voices, one cello, one guitar, one glockenspiel, one melodica, several drums, one accordion, ninety-six teeth, and one soul.

This classically trained musician and esteemed scholar moonlights with his wandering folk songs on the mbira and slit drum.

Relevant Hairstyles
A loose collective of musicians from Columbia and Chicago led by Gabriel Wallace. The fun, fast sets by Wallace and crew are a fest favorite.
Richard the Lionhearted
This Columbia-based space country band mashes together poetic honky-tonk stylings with grit and gusto.

Robert Sarazin Blake
A T/F tradition, Blake is a modern-day Northwest troubadour whose gruff lullabies are colored by his love of the American folk tradition and spells in the Irish countryside.
Run on Sentence
Ramshackle folksters from Portland, Oregon, play like a wrestling match between the Squirrel Nut Zippers and Neutral Milk Hotel.
Ruth Acuff
Original songs on the guitar, ukulele and lever harp with sweet and dreamy vocals.
S.T. Carrel and the Sad Bastards
These home-grown favorites offer beautiful country ballads that make you smile while they break your heart.
Saturday NIght Showcase
The omlette flippers at Cafe Berlin flip out to four of America’s finest: Sour Mash Hug Band, Robert Sarazin Blake, Run On Sentence and Malone. Doors at 8pm; show at 9pm.
Sour Mash Hug Band
The Sour Mash Hug Band is an acoustic dance band versed in Romanian couple dances, Appalachian hymns and Harlem swing. They claim lineage from Kurt Weill and Danny Elfman.
A one-woman Kraut rock storm hailing from Milwaukee.
This classic Cajun dance hall band busts out lively tunes honoring the Balfa Brothers, Dennis McGee, Canray Fontenot, Amede Ardoin, Cheese Reed and many others.
The Toughcats
Three rabble-rousers from coastal Maine combine banjo, reso and drums in their high-energy songwriting.

Thurday Night Showcase
And it all begins with a hoot and a holler at The Berlin Theater/Café Berlin as our kick-off concert features fest favorites S. T. Carrel and the Sad Bastards, Cindy Wolfe, Bramble and the Toughcats. Doors at 8pm; show at 9 pm. Suggested donation.
Weeping Wildas
Two Missouri natives trade harmonies on traditional folk songs and country numbers. Sit back and sip your ’shine as the Weeping Wildas bring old favorites to new audiences.