2011 Films

An African Election
Africa as you’ve never seen it before: Ghana’s fragile democracy is captured during the 2008 presidential elections, from tense closed-door vote tallies to explosive street scenes.
The Arbor
Teen playwright Andrea Dunbar lived fast, died young and left an exquisite body of work: Clio Barnard’s theatrically bold film brings her back to life.
Breathtakingly beautiful and truly frightening, this portrait of Danish soldiers in Afghanistan raises the bar for filmmaking in a warzone.
At the Edge of Russia
SNEAK PREVIEW Surrounded by the frozen tundra of Siberia, a young soldier comes of age at an almost forgotten military outpost.
Benda Bilili!
SNEAK PREVIEW A real-life fairy tale, Benda Bilili! is a five-years-in-the-making look at a group of paraplegic Congolese musicians who go from sleeping on cardboard boxes to worldwide attention.
The Black Power Mix Tape 1967-1975
A surprisingly fresh reevaluation of the Black Power movement --including a star turn by Stokely Carmichael -- made possible by the discovery of 16mm films found in a Swedish archive.
Blood in the Mobile
SNEAK PREVIEW T/F alum Frank Piasecki Poulsen (Guerilla Girl) returns with an equally courageous work of journalism: an immersive, troubling investigation of the precious minerals used in cell phones.
Bobby Fischer Against the World
Unravelling the complex relationship between genius and madness as embodied in chess's first rock star. Sponsored by the World Chess Hall of Fame and Museum.
La Bocca del Lupo
The dazzling history of a port city and an unlikely love story unfold in this Italian gem.
Buck Brannaman travels the country dispersing simple but profound wisdom about the relationship between man and horse in this beautifully photographed film.
The Burger and the King
James Marsh explores a time-honored story of indulgence and excess: Elvis Presley's ravenous appetite for life and for cuisine.
El Bulli: Cooking in Progress
We are given entre into one of the world's most imaginative restaurants where kooky cook Ferran Adria and crew prepare an experimental menu designed to expand minds and palates.
Fake It So Real
SNEAK PREVIEW In small town America, a ragtag federation of independent wrestlers put on a show.
Family Instinct
SNEAK PREVIEW An unpredictable, off-the-wall portrait of rural Latvia that recalls the greatest works of Harmony Korine.
Foreign Parts
This powerful but understated film presents a verite portrait of the down-but-not-out residents of an endangered neighborhood on the fringes of Queens, NY.
Gravity was Everywhere Back Then
LIVE PERFORMANCE A live soundtrack by director Green and an all-star group of musicians highlights this animated love story
Habana Muda
SNEAK PREVIEW A complex love triangle between a deaf Cuban couple and a gay Mexican man.
Hula & Natan
SNEAK PREVIEW Two Israeli car mechanics living next to the Gaza Strip struggle to survive in this stunning tragicomedy.
The Interrupters
Three former gang members trade on their street reps to prevent violence as part of the innovative approach of the group CeaseFire. (True Life Fund recipient - sponsored by The Crossing)
Filmed over the course of twelve years, KNUCKLE follows two feuding families as they engage in the Irish Traveller ritual of bare-knuckle fighting.
Landmarks & Monoliths
SHORTS PROGRAM. Six landmark films -- capped by “Il Capo” about an Italian marble quarry -- examine the personal meanings of the natural and built environment.
Life in a Day
The most elaborate crowdsourced arts project in history, LIAD draws from 80,000 slice-of-life videos, all shot on July 24, 2010 by you and me and edited by Kevin Macdonald’s (Touching the Void) team.
Long Distance Dedication
SHORTS PROGRAM. Whether it’s harvesting guano or cloudberries, cooking a roast or robbing a bank, these great short docs carry us to to new places and immerse us in new experiences.
Moving Windmills: The William Kamkwamba Story
In this work-in-progress screening, Co-director Ben Nabors shares scenes from his upcoming feature about an ingenious young man who embarks on a plan to bring electricity to a Malawi village.
North From Calabria
SNEAK PREVIEW A charming, whimsical portrait of a small Polish village as it puts on its annual festival.
Page One: Inside the New York Times
With unprecedented access, filmmaker Andrew Rossi embeds himself with Times reporters -- including the irrepressible David Carr -- during a time of intense upheaval. Presented by the University of Missouri
Project Nim
From True Vision winner James Marsh (Man On Wire) comes the strange story of Nim, a chimpanzee taught sign language and raised by human beings.
The Pruitt-Igoe Myth
This film elegantly explodes misconceptions about the rise and fall of a utopian St. Louis housing project.
The Redemption of General Butt Naked
A former Liberian warlord responsible for the deaths of thousands discovers Jesus and seeks forgiveness in this complex and visceral work.
Resurrect Dead
A detective story about an obsessed team's investigation of mysterious and alarming tiles embedded in public streets throughout the hemisphere.
Secret Screening Black
Friendship, betrayal and government oppression at the twilight of the Bush era.
Secret Screening Green
Corruption, exploitation and media hysteria confront a child prodigy.
Secret Screening Orange
A wrongly convicted man struggles to get justice.
Secret Screening Purple
Beautiful losers in a suburban wasteland.
Secret Screening White
A funny and moving story of a girl who finds a family she never knew she had.
Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure
When two Midwestern punks moved to San Francisco in the mid-80’s, they hardly imagined they’d make their neighbors into underground legends.
Subway Preacher
SNEAK PREVIEW A fiery New York City subway preacher falls in love in this gritty, sharp portrait of fanaticism.
To Be Heard
Three charismatic poets strive to maintain a rare friendship and write their own destiny on the hard-luck streets of the Bronx.
Troll Hunter
Three intrepid film students document the unusual life of Norway’s only working troll hunter.
Wisconsin Death Trip
Inspired by Michael Lesy's book which located a treasure trove of photographs from the last part of the 19th century, James Marsh takes a darkly humorous look at one very curious small town.
The Woman With Five Elephants
The remarkable Svetlana Geier wrestles with translating Dostoyevsky's novels -- her "5 Elephants" -- but she must also come to grips with the ghosts of Stalin and the Nazis.
You Are All Captains
SNEAK PREVIEW A Spanish teacher/filmmaker and his mischievous Moroccan students blur reality in this beautiful, wildly imaginative hybrid.
Hometown heroes Chase Thompson and Ryan Walker probe the fascinating, surprising life of John Zielinski, "the most blacklisted author in the history of Iowa."