Winter, Go Away! (T/F 2013) by Marina Razbezhkina’s School of Documentary Film

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In the late winter of 2012, Russia found itself at a crossroads. Vladimir Putin seeks a third, extended term as president, a position he “left” earlier to serve as prime minister. The continued consolidation of power by his party revives painful memories of the authoritarian past and eradicates the possibility of political neutrality. An independent newspaper sends 10 young filmmakers into this crisis to document two months worth of back-room meetings, large-scale demonstrations, electioneering gimmicks and spontaneous acts of dissent, covering all strata of society. The resulting film eschews prepared remarks from “experts,” instead offering a powerful and direct survey of the frantic political moment. With hand-held immediacy, Winter, Go Away! captures the passion and frustration of the opposition, the cavalier callousness of the established order and the confusion and paranoia of those caught in between.

Directed by Elena Khoreva, Denis Klebleev, Askold Kurov, Dmitry Kusabov, Nadezhda Leonteva, Anna Moiseenko, Madina Mustafina, Sofia Rodkevich, Anton Seregin & Alexey Zhiriakov