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The Devil and Daniel Johnston (T/F 2006) by Jeff Feuerzeig

Available from Crackle (only by linking over to their site).

Kurt Cobain once called Daniel Johnston “the greatest living songwriter.” And although Johnston’s long list of devotees includes Beck, Wilco, Sonic Youth, Pearl Jam, Tom Waits and Matt Groening, his music has yet to puncture mainstream consciousness. Director Jeff Feuerzeig traces Johnston’s life as artist, rebel, musician and outsider from teenage days making folk music in his basement to his multiple hospitalizations (Johnston suffers from manic depression) and through his frequent and extraordinary bursts of creativity. Insightful, heart-wrenching and redemptive, The Devil and Daniel Johnston explores the weave of creation and madness, punctuated with Johnston’s raw, funny and moving music. Both fans and neophytes will be amazed at the phenomenal, largely untouched body of songs and paintings Johnston has created.