The Corporation (T/F 2004) by Mark Achbar & Jennifer Abbott

Available from SnagFilms.

The Corporation is a fast-moving critique and a bracing call-to-action that questions the sanity of the world’s most dominant institution. Using a mental health checklist developed by psychologists, the film finds that if a corporation were a person, it would be a self-interested, amoral, callous, and deceitful one — in short, a psychopath. After winning awards and attracting sold-out screenings at other festivals including Toronto and Sundance, The Corporation is looking like this year’s Bowling for Columbine, a no-holds-barred, devastating assault that is nonetheless deeply entertaining and humorous. While the film would seem to be capitalizing on recent corporate meltdowns a la Enron, it’s been in production for the last six years, and the makers, including co-director Achbar (Manufacturing Consent) have masterfully shaped it into something that will be long relevant.