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Subway Preacher (T/F 2011) by Dennis W. Ho

Available from YouTube.

A film so gritty you can taste the cinders as you watch, Dennis Hoâ??s Subway Preacher is a small-scale portrait of a small-time preacher, his life exposed under the harsh mercury vapor lamps. Standing in the tunnels under Manhattan, screaming of fire and brimstone and vowing to maintain his underground ministry 24/7, Brian is a man with a mission. But can his marriage to Rose endure as they live, penniless, on his brother’s couch? And will his partner (and recent kidney transplant recipient) Shawn survive Brianâ??s increasingly erratic and unreliable behavior? Photographer and occasional busker Ho spent three years shooting this gorgeous New York story. What results is a surprisingly empathetic vision of all-too-human frailty.

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