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Last Train Home (T/F 2010) by Lixin Fan

Available from Hulu.

Every year, in the world’s largest human migration, 120 million Chinese workers return from the factories in the coastal cities to their villages in the interior. There, reunited with their families, they receive a brief respite from the pressures of their jobs. In the epic and gorgeously photographed¬†Last Train Home, Lixin Fan finds one family’s story to tell. And though aspects of it are as foreign as they could be, even more moments resonate with a striking familiarity. This is an epic adventure movie that will have you gripping the armrests as 80,000 workers swarm a train station, but that still manages to convey the universality of an argument between mother and daughter over cell phone use. It’s world-class filmmaking and the kind of movie that True/False was created to celebrate.

Filmmaker Lixin Fan interview with POV.