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I Think We’re Alone Now (T/F 2008) by Sean Donnelly

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What would you do if you loved someone who didn’t love you back? What if that person was ’80s pop star Tiffany? And she had a restraining order against you? Well, Jeff Turner knows your pain. He also knows the connection between Tuesday Weld, psychedelic drugs and the Illuminati. Welcome to the weird world of I Think We’re Alone Now. Rarely does a movie take the viewer so far down the rabbit hole of obsession and longing. But as the camera spins around an apartment decorated only with photocopies of Tiffany’s face, one can’t help but empathize with Jeff — or with Kelly, the film’s other protagonist, an intersexed person from Denver whose love for Tiffany is even more steadfast than Jeff’s. It’s an uneasy ride but a fascinating one that walks the razor’s edge of exploitation and yet, in the end, finds empathy for its lovelorn subjects.